Other Projects

Boline is a Botanica and Apothecary that provides magick and medicinal goods and services from a unique traditional Witchcraft perspective. We are cunning and conjure folk who are ready to serve you!

Kunning Hallow is a home of Traditional Witches and Radical Faeries.

We host community events, private rituals and workings, sabbats and holidays, have an occult resource library, and we organize projects for the benefit for the greater Rad Fae, Witch, pagan, and artist communities such as regular potlucks, brunches, BBQs, and the like.

We hope to be a place of unity and coming-together in a ruggedly individual culture. Separateness is a myth, we are all connected and a part of God Herself. Visit our official website.

Pagan Playdate is a group for pagan families and their kids. We host a weekly playdates and often go to other kid friendly events together. We also swap childcare, hand-me-downs, advice, and more.

My hope is to create a strong pagan parent community in the hopes of creating a childcare co-op, a group school project, and a spiral scouts circle.

Shoot me an email if you are interested in seeing what we're all about! And if you are elsewhere in the world, contact me to be a part of the international database. I hope to link up pagan parents in other areas as people register.

Pagan Families Dot Com: I will be contributing to this site about pagan conception, pregnancy, and childbirth periodically, and suggest that you do the same!

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