Thursday, June 24, 2010

What is This Blog About?

Witch mom? Yes. I don't expect that I'll get as many readers as mainstream mom blogs, but I did want to write about the experience of being a mom, a priestess, and a religious minority in the US.

Being a witch (some people are more comfortable with the term "pagan"- but that is an umbrella term for lots of different types of religions, and I am trying to be specific here) and a parent has its own set of built-in challenges.

Many people fear what they don't understand, thinking we abuse children or are somehow "bad people" for our religious beliefs. Still others think that if a religion doesn't have one (male) god and a building attached to it, that is not a "real religion", or it is laughable. Still others do not understand what we mean when we speak of "magick" and they envision scenes from Harry Potter (which is a book series I like, by the way- so cute!)

This blog is about respecting religious traditions of all stripes. It is about respecting and fighting for the planet we call home. It is about raising a child with a set of strong personal ethics, rather than a fundamentalist set of morals. It is about the amazing journey of parenthood, through the eyes of a religious minority.

Things that will be discussed here:
  • conception, pregnancy, and birth
  • baby , toddler, and child milestones
  • brain and social development
  • how our family deals with the outside world and its culture
  • preschool, homeschool, unschool, or co-op group school?
  • morality and ethics
  • genital integrity of boys and girls
  • attachment parenting versus other styles of parenting
  • daily struggles of life balance
  • fostering compassion and empathy in our children
  • developing a curriculum for pagan families
  • environmentalism and social justice
  • things that I discover that I recommend and want to share as a pagan and a parent

And probably oodles more that will come up along the journey that I cannot think of right now. I hope that you join me (and join in on the conversation, too!)


  1. Adding you to my blogroll after spotting your mention of your place on Witch Eye. I'm a dual-trad pagan (Egyptian reconstructionist and Feri student) and while I don't have as much time to read the blogs as before Little Foot arrived, I appreciate the existence of a pagan mommyblog. :)

  2. Awesome! Nice to "meet"another pagan parent. Feel free to chime in whenever you get a chance! I'd love to hear about Little Foot sometime.

  3. (She's asleep next to me in bed right at this moment, sprawly wee thing.) She got that handle from spending roughly the last two months of pregnancy with one foot braced against my bottommost right rib. I blogged about that and one of my commenters referred to her as "Little Foot" and I sort of kept it. ;)

    She's a Lughnasadh baby, born the night between 1 August and 2 August of last year. Not talking yet, but she's starting to sign with enthusiasm (she learned "more" on Tuesday); not walking yet, but she follows her parents around with enthusiastic crawling and pleads to be picked up. She is a sweet-tempered, robust, and gigantic babe.

    My current obsession is with a bit of Egyptian theology: hug your children so they have souls. I cuddle my baby all the time. :}

  4. Liitle Foot sounds awesome. We are also signing with Rowan.

    My child Rowan was conceived on Beltaine in a ritual context on sacred land. He was born on the Wolf Moon this year. Very appropriate, as the god invoked at his conception is known as Lord of Wolves.

    Love that bit of Egyptian lore. I am constantly kissing and hugging Ro!

    Where is your blog, so that I can follow it?

  5. I'm at Letters from Gehenna, which is kind of a mish-mash topic-wise. I'm probably gonna write about that bit of lore next, though, it's in my head.


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