Saturday, August 7, 2010

Witch Mom Raves! Fred Small

From time to time, I hope to share with you something that I have discovered that I love for me, my son, or my family. Something that fits in to our witchy worldview, helps us as parents, or is just generally awesome.

The first thing I have to share with you is a song. This song is a lullaby, but more than that- it expresses a worldview that I share and want to have my son exposed to. When I sang it for the parents at Pagan Playdate, they were moved to tears.

The song is called "Everything Possible" and it was written by folk singer Fred Small. (See also this link for him.) I was taught this song by my doula, who sang this song for her daughter (now in her 20's).

I am posting the lyrics below the embedded video (of another singer covering this tune with a lovely glockenspiel accompaniment). If you want to learn it, it's helpful to sing along to the video playing while reading the song lyrics as you go.

 Everything Possible

We've cleared off the table, leftovers saved
Washed the dishes and put them away
I've told you a story and tucked you in tight
At the end of your knockabout day

As the moon sets her sails to carry you to sleep
Over the midnight sea
I will sing you a song no one sang to me
May it keep you good company

Well, you can be anybody you want to be
You can love whomever you will
You can travel any country where your heart leads
And know that I will love you still

You can live by yourself
You can gather friends around
You can choose one special one
And the only measure of your words and your deeds 
Will be the love you leave behind when you're gone

There are girls who grow up strong and bold
There are boys quiet and kind
Some race on ahead, some follow behind
Some go in their own way and time

Some women love women
Some men love men
Some raise children, some never do
You can dream all the days never reaching the end of everything  possible for you.

Don't be rattled by names, by taunts, by games
But seek out spirits true
If you give your friends the best part of yourself
They'll give the same back to you

(chorus, repeating last two lines for the finish)


  1. This is incredibly beautiful! Thank you very much. I'm going to borrow this idea and, of course, give you credit. I'm so glad there are songs out there like this for our children, and grandchildren, and even for me.

  2. I know, I just had to share this. When it was first sang to me by our doula, I was floored that such a song existed.

    Then when I found the Roy Bailey version, with its lovely accompaniment, I knew I had to learn it and sing it whenever possible to Rowan.

    Lily, aka Witch Mom

  3. Thank you for commenting on my blog and for wanting to follow me. I love what you write about and look forward to more!

  4. I sing this lullaby to Bridget and I sang it to my Goddaughter when she was a baby.

  5. BEAUTIFUL! Now I have a song I can sing to give comfort or blessing. Thank you for sharing.

  6. What a positive song! Thank you for sharing :)

  7. You are most welcome, everyone. It is Fred's gift to us all!


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