Thursday, February 3, 2011

Interfaith Love

No post for today, but I felt compelled to share this photo:

What you are seeing is a picture of Christians protecting Muslims during their daily prayers from attack from the police and government lackeys in Egypt.

The protests there have turned ugly, with pro-Mubarak government paid "protesters" turning peaceful protests into violent unrest. As a result, actual protesters have started looking out for one another, to keep one another safe. Beautiful.

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  1. Hello Lily,
    I really like this post because in a way it reminds me "issues" we, my husband and I, have to face sometimes for being an "interracial" couple
    I can relate in a way
    We don't have "big problem" being an african-american man married to a caucasian french woman" everyday living in NC...
    Against all odds, racial issues came from my family and friends in France...I guess they imagined , living in the South , married to an african-american, it would be like movies they saw on tv (Mississippi burning for example) and they were worried about me...It could be understandable
    Here in NC, we don't face problems most of the time but I have to say that because we decided to live in a place @ the limit of the "hood" Sometimes we have to deal with people having assumptions because my husband is black and I have an accent and because I'm mediterranean, then very dark, most people think I'm latina...And unfortunately they talk to me a sort of "condescendent" way that drives me crazy (I don't like to be treated as a "second zone citizen") but we do with it and we try to not make a big thing of it...
    At the end of the day we know that is just "ignorance" and we cannot change everyone...
    Just wanted to share that with you because your post made me think about that...


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