Saturday, March 26, 2011

March Moon Madness!

The living room in the cabin.
After we left Atlanta, the Kunnings went to northern Georgia to a cabin in the middle of nowhere with our Witchy friends. There were about 15 of us in this fabulous cabin, and we relaxed and had two rituals while we were there, too. (It was Oestara and the full moon.)

Rowan was grateful to have full run of the place- in Atlanta he was jockeying between car seat and stroller a lot- so to get out and be able to run around non-stop for a weekend was precious. Everyone was really great with him, although he was the only kid there.

The gorgeous porch with rockers.
He didn't want to sleep- ever. Naps and bedtimes melted into tantrums at those times, even though he was really tired. Rowan is not affected by noise- but he is by energy. And having that many Witches in one place and that much woo being thrown around took its toll. He eventually got to sleep, but much later than he should have! (This issue was corrected in the next phase of our trip, to Nanny and Pap Pap's in Ohio.)

At one point during the weekend, we took him on a wildcrafting hike- first in his lion harness, then when he dilly dallied and stumbled too much, on mama's back in the Ergo. It was there he surrendered to blessed sleep, finally! 

Mama was late to the ritual because she had to be with Rowan, who would not fall asleep (which would have allowed non-participating others to keep an eye on him). But because his separation anxiety was running high in this unfamiliar place among unfamiliar people, I could not leave him with others while he was awake.

One of the myriad animals in the lodge.
So I made due playing with my boy while the others gathered high on a hill to meet a goddess. I figured that I was left out this time. But a couple of hours later, my partner came into the lodge and told me to go up the hill, that I was being summoned. He took over Rowan duty (the stinker was still awake when I got back!) and I climbed up the hill in darkness, the trail illuminated by the full moon and small votives placed at the edges of the trail. I met her, veiled in the moonlight and she told me that I "was not forgotten". Being in Her presence was awesome in the original sense of the word and I found myself weeping and answering Her questions.

All weekend, I was watching Rowan intently- to see how he did with unfamilar people, setting, and routine. Despite the adults being inconvenienced by his refusal to sleep as much as he should- he was a trooper. He played, explored, and asked what all the new things and people were called. He charmed everyone, ate new foods, and was generally a happy baby.

At the end of our weekend, we were dropped off at the Atlanta airport, rented a car, and started our loooong drive to southeastern Ohio.

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