Sunday, November 27, 2011

Million Mothers March

Many women do not have the right to feed their infants when and where they need to. I live on the West Virginia border right now, and in that state, women can be told to leave somewhere if they breastfeed and someone doesn't like it.

Enough is enough. The Million Mothers March is an event organized by a mom who was kicked off a public bus for breastfeeding. It is being organized for August 6, 2012 in Washington DC.

There has been a rise in the incidences of harassment of breastfeeding mothers. Mothers are being asked to feed their children in the restrooms at Wal-Mart, an all women’s fitness facility even on public transportation. The unmitigated fact is that the list goes on and on. This madness has to stop! Breastfeeding Mothers Unite is a grassroots organization formed to bring awareness to the community and to UNITE mothers. We need to bring as much attention to a mother’s right to nurse her child whenever and wherever that child gets hungry.

I urge you to spread the word and get to DC next year if you can! I have posted this before, but it worth a second time:

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  1. THANK YOU FOR THIS! I admit that I do get embarrassed when a mom breastfeeds her child in a public place, BUT that is my problem, not the breastfeeding mom's. The bebe has to feed and, like what you posted, "to give the breast is to give Life."
    (I get embarrassed because (1) I can't help becoming fascinated as it is an aspect of human fertility/sexuality, and (2) because of my upbringing (rather conventional when it comes to sexuality)--again, those difficulties are my problems.)


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