Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Todays' reading: Worker Owned Coop

One of the goals that I have for this year is to turn my apothecary into a worker owned coop. We have our first meeting this evening (Monday the 6th), with eight interested people meeting with me about how to proceed. Today, I did a reading to see our prospects:

The overall reading.
The center, the now, the heart of the matter. We see the Hare in the Moon, Santisima Muerte, A Franc with the words "Fraternité, Liberté, Egalité showing, a buckeye, A success Norse sigil, and a crystal. I interpret this as change, transformation to a more egalitarian structure successfully.

Some cluster in the recent past: the alligator paw is holding mandrake, the wishbone cradles a nutmeg and a coin, which is resting on dog tooth calcite, the baby doll leg and key crowns all. This I interpret as movement without knowing how it will turn out, towards a grounded fortune.

The near future has two items: my Buddha nut and High John the Conqueror. I interpret this as work towards enlightenment with success.

I always advise folks to practice, of course- but take readings for themselves with a grain of salt. (Ego often gets in the way when you divine for yourself.) I always align my souls and do a little sitting before a divination for myself.

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