Saturday, January 22, 2011

My January

"The name, given to the month of 'January', is derived from the ancient Roman name 'Janus' who presided over the gate to the new year.  He was revered as the 'God of Gateways', 'of Doorways' and 'of the Journey.'  Janus protected the 'Gate of Heaven', known as the 'Lord of Beginnings', is associated with the 'Goddess Juno-Janus', and often symbolized by an image of a face that looks forwards and backwards at the same time. This symbolism can easily be associated with the month known by many as the start of a new year which brings new opportunities.  We cast out the old and welcome in the new.  It is the time when many reflect on events of the previous year and often resolve to redress or improve some aspect of daily life or personal philosophy."

My January has been a relaxing time. There has not been much work, and I am in a small break from school (my spring semester does not start until February). The phrase, "slow as molasses in January", however, doesn't really apply. My idea of fun has always included staying busy. So when there is a gap in what we "must do", I create new things to do in their place. January has given me the opportunity to catch up on projects and chores as well as start new things: 

This month, I started the Bay Area bureau for the Pagan Newswire Collective. I am excited to be working with some amazing volunteers, all reporting on what pagan and witchy events and news make my part of the world so great.

I started embroidering again, which I have not done since I was a girl. I bought supplies off of ebay and began with a project for Rowan's birthday- a banner that spells out "Happy Birthday" that we can use each year. It is made from felt and I am using it as a way to practice stitches and is a sampler of sorts. I plan on using it each year. I also have other projects lined up!

My partner and I have started hosting a drop-in social Faerie coffee each Saturday- open to Radical Faeries and Faery tradition folk. It has been a lovely way to connect with wonderful people in earnest. I find that it is so easy to spin your wheels, going through life with deadlines and stuff to do, and miss out on what really matters- connections with others. We have decided that each week, we slow down and sip coffee an chat. It is really nice.

Tengu and Tallulah love movie night, too.
I started the process to be certified in wildlife rehabilitation! I took the beginner class and now start a weekly class in February and March to earn my certificate. I will be volunteering at a local non-profit that has a hospital and education program. I may even take a wild animal into my home to care for it! I'll be feeding baby birds! I hope to focus on corvids, as they are some of my favorite animals. (If you didn't know, I am a "bird person"- I have parrots at home and LOVE all kinds of birds.)

And of course, I play each and every day with my son. He is walking now- and wants to be a big boy (especially when he sees their antics on the playground!) so bad. I also take him to see animals whenever I can- he loves animals, like his mama. I am glad to be able to spend so much time with him. I am still only going to school part-time in the spring, but it still means some time away. Sigh.

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