Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Gorgeous nature scene #1!
So it is that time of year again- when we (who follow the Gregorian calendar, that is) all sit down and create goals for ourselves for the coming year. I have always been an ambitious person; a go-getter. So my resolutions are plenty, but usually I pick 4 "areas" for resolutions to fall into: Career/School, Motherhood, Personal, and Relationships.

Career/School: I am still getting a Master's Degree, and am less than half of the way there, I think. I am meeting with my advisor next month to assess what I need to do and what I need to take in order to finish. I have already decided that spending time with my son is more important than graduating as soon as possible, so I will only go half time. I need to find a non-profit organization that will be willing to pay for 1/4 of my salary, as I have some unused work study money that we could really use.

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Motherhood: My main goal this year is to take lots of time with Rowan and enjoy our budding relationship and his ever expanding personality. I will continue to organize playgroups and social time for him as well ensuring that he gets lots of mommy and daddy time.

Personal: I am taking up a few hobbies: embroidery, reading for pleasure, and want to cultivate more friendships this year. I want to get back in shape after having the baby. I hope to be initiated into my religious tradition this year. And I continue to seek out and build my tribe.

Relationships: I am looking to reinforce existing relationships and cultivate even more relationships this year- I am in need of downtime with friends and would love to find a babysitter so I can enjoy some adult time a couple times a month. Being pregnant and then having a small baby took its toll on my social life- and now I'd slowly like to get some back!


  1. Hi,
    I've never commented here before but have been reading along happily for some time. I'm not a parent but I am a witch (of no particular tradition) and just wanted to start this new year saying thank you for sharing your words on this blog. I have found stories and ideas that both interest and inspire me and I am grateful to you for sharing such an important part of your world with strangers like me.

    I also wanted to ask a brief question. You mentioned in this post and others the idea of building your tribe. I was curious to know what/who you mean by tribe and how they are similar/different to just friends or community? The term is one I've come across often the past couple of years and I believe holds great potential and power; and am keen to learn how different people see and use it.

    Many thanks once again and bright blessings for 2011 to you and yours.

    Keli x

  2. Hi Keli! Thanks for being a regular reader and taking the time to comment (and ask a question!).

    To me, tribe is a big extended family- it's the kind of close relationships that are like the best family has to offer (cemented bonds) along with the best of friendships (chosen relations, not ones you are born into).

    For me, tribe is intergenerational- I long for a society that includes children AND elders rather than shuffling them off to opposite dark corners somewhere. I long to create a tribe that welcomes me and my child as members. We (my partner and I) are actually talking about moving to a new area in a few years with another family we are close to- we would get property together and live communally (even if we have a duplex or houses/flats next to one another) and raise our children together.

    So it's closer than simply "friends" and is a deeper relationship with more commitment than I have with most people I consider friends.

    The goal is to live intentionally and thoughtfully with others.

  3. Sounds like an excellent goal to me and necessary if we want to go through life in a way that isn't totally preoccupied with our own self and problems! So many people we know and love have so much to offer us and to intentionally and thoughtfully accept and appreciate these gifts is something I'm aiming to do in my life this year; if only to know that when the year ends I can honestly say I have lived it as fully as possible!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my question. I hope the new year is treating you well.


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