Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Book Review: Pagan Parenting by Kristin Madden

Pagan Parenting, subtitled "Spiritual, Magical, and Emotional Development of the Child" was a book I snatched up as soon as I became aware of its existance. It seemed right up my alley- as I intend on raising my son in our religious tradition (Feri Witchcraft) and am interested in developing a age-appropriate religious and homeschool curricula for him steeped in the knowledge that Rowan is a spiritual (as well as physical and emotional) being.
I bought this book when I was pregnant, and I was so excited to read the first chapter on incarnation. In it, that author discusses how to attune to your in utero child through energy and dream exercises. It talks of how the energetic systems are developing in the child's body before and after birth, just as its physical and mental capacities are growing, too.

Because the book discusses simple exercises that you can do with your very young child to develop her/his psychic ability (games, dreams, breathing, working with his/her aura), this has been a frequent re-read now that Rowan is here.

The book is also valuable to parents of older children: exercises for health and healing, bolstering your family connection through rituals, sabbats and esbats, meals, and activities, and much more are discussed. There are activities for children and tweens. There is even a Q & A chapter on the hard questions any parent encounters- with suggested answers from a pagan perspective.

Oddly enough, while the author identifies herself as on a "shamanic path" and mentions being a Druid, the book seems to be written especially for Wiccans (the references to "the God" and "the Goddess" as opposed to a polytheistic "gods and goddesses" is a common refrain in the book). But I find it is helpful for pagans of all stripes (as I don't identify as Wiccan at all, and I enjoyed the book). I found some of the exercises inspirational both to do "as is" and as a starting point to develop something "more Feri in flavor" for Rowan.

I especially was charmed by the chapter that discusses helping the child build a first altar- I am so looking forward to the time that Rowan can tell us what he wants on it and why!

Formal Rating:
Title: Pagan Parenting
Author: Kristin Madden
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide
Price: $14.95 USD , $22.95 CAN
ISBN: 1-56718-492-8

Topics Covered: Parenting, Religion, Spirituality, Childhood Development, Exercises and Activities
Target Audience: Parents and Caregivers of Children and Teens, Pagans- especially Wiccans.

Witch Mom Rating: Two and a Half Hats:
 A valuable resource. Isn't all things to all trads, but does a great job being general enough on trad specifics but specific enough on activities and exercises to be of value.

Pagan Parenting (Revised Edition) (link to buy this book, if you so desire)

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