Monday, May 28, 2012

Back to "Normal"

Totally unrelated, but I love this quote and the work
of this amazing woman!
Maybe you didn't notice, but the blog has slowed in the last month or so. It has been a combination of culminating my semester and then, once it was over a broken laptop.

I never knew how much I was connected to this machine and how much I relied upon it until it disappeared. Now that it is repaired and I am catching up, you can expect me to get back on a more regular blogging schedule.

What's been happening offline?

I have been working hard to learn my new position at the NUUC. I am working on lining up a summer and fall curriculum for the children and youth there, especially. So excited to start OWL training this fall.

My son is speaking in full and ever more complex sentences and reasoning. It blows me away. He says multiple things every day that are more complicated and nuanced in his use of language than ever before. I am amazed by him! I have been spending time with him and taking it all in.

Also unrelated, but I really am annoyed by the wealthy and
entitled of this world telling the working people that *we*
need to suck it up because they have been robbing us blind.
While we have not called it "austerity measures" in the US,
we have had a campaign waged against working people
consistently for a while now.
My gardening projects are taking off: tomatoes in the ground, peppers about to be, and a bed of medicinal and culinary herbs, too. I have been collecting bricks for my herb spiral, and beer and wine bottles to edge our beds and lawn in a cool decorative way. My worm bin has given us a bunch of "tea" that have made the plants very happy. We took a chainsaw to horrible 1970's era shrubs in the front of the house, and are using the brick raised bed for trellised plants lie morning glories, a pond, and flowers. It will look much nicer.

A group that I am working with, Art Party Columbus, has been super busy writing grants and building portable walls and pedestals for the Columbus Arts Festival show. Using power tools in this heat means not only getting super sweaty, but covered in sawdust. I haven't been this grimy and thankful for indoor plumbing in a while.

The community garden I help at did some amazing work with donated bricks- we took a raised bed and separated it into three areas with the brick and are building pathways, so the kids don't harm the plants (the garden is on a school property).

I will be actively posting again soon- stay tuned!

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