Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pagan Insights Project

Have you heard about the Pagan Insights Project? It's a way for pagans to get to know one another and what we believe (since the term pagan really can only mean non-Abrahamic to apply to everyone under this umbrella).

There are several different kinds of posts that you can do, and there will be a monthly round up so people can read your contribution:

* In Your Own Words - your thoughts and feelings – maybe a full blog post on a topic of your choice related to your path (or Paganism in general) or just a few sentences on where you are right now. What are you studying? What are you thinking? Who are you, and where are you going on your Pagan path? What’s right and what’s wrong in Paganism at the moment?

Post A Pic -
 post an image related to your path, or one that invokes a feeling/emotion related to your spirituality (or craft… if one is a non-religious Witch), along with a sentence or two describing the image.
* Musical Musings - post a song, chant or poem related to your path, or one that invokes a feeling/emotion related to your spirituality (or craft). Can be in word form, but videos would definitely be awesome as well. On a spiritual level, what is your music of the moment? Is this a song stuck in your head, or one you played before your last ritual?
*Action, Action - post about a ritual, working or other experiential moment related to your path that has occurred recently, or that you are planning to do.
Eureka! - post about something new that you have learned, or discovered recently, that is related to your path or Paganism in general.

Stay tuned for some of my contributions!

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  1. This sounds like something I would like. I would definitely take a look-see. The idea of reading, viewing... the Pagan expressions of others is always a treat. Thanks for sharing ;-)


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