Monday, December 12, 2011

Booper Quotes

Lately, since Rowan has been working on developing sentences and syntax, he comes up with all kinds of precious gems. Here are a few!

Me to partner (who is stringing up lights in the yard): "Are you gonna do a Maypole Dance around that tree with the lights?" 
Rowan (who is watching): "Maple Pants?"

At the local petting zoo, upon viewing a pig: "Money, mommy?" (He thinks all pigs eat coins, like his piggy bank at home. He loves to feed the animals and watch them eat.)

We are not teaching Rowan about Santa Claus*. Because that guy is everywhere these days, he sees inflatables, pictures, statues and such and like any toddler, wants to know what it is. So we told him his name: Nick. Nick, we explained, is an old guy that is famous this time of year. You should see the strange stares we get at the mall when our son points and yells, "Nick! The Old Guy!"

Booper is learning to count, although depending on how tired he is, he may not get his numbers in order. Last night, while climbing the stairs to go to bed, he counted, "One, Free, Six".

Got a cute toddler story to share (new or old) please do in the comments!

*We believe it is better for our son to learn that the people he loves are getting him gifts and he in turn is recognizing the people he loves with gifts in turn. While it is a cute tradition in the USA, I am not going to lie to my son about Santa Claus or the tooth fairy. Anybody with me on this one?


  1. Love this post, yes we do not really participate in Santa either. We tell our son that he is a spirit of Christmas and some people like to dress up like him and pretend that he is real. We'll see how that works in the coming years!

  2. "One, Free, Six." --> Rowan, budding Capitalist? ;>

  3. We also don't participate in Santa or tooth fairy. So far my 10 yr old has appreciated that we tell her the truth. Though we did tell her never to ruin it for other children if they tell her they believe in Santa.

  4. As a Pagan mom, myself, I had a hard time deciding what to do. I have decided to explain that, yes, Santa is real. But, he's not a person, in the way we think of him. Like the Goddess and the God, we personify him to understand him, but that he's the true spirit (a representation, if you will) of giving and generosity.


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