Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Yule giveaway?

I am considering doing a giveaway on my blog for Yule and am looking for a couple of witchy and kid-friendly business owners to donate a prize or two!

If you have a botanica or occult store, a kids store (toys, books, etc), an eco-friendly store, or an etsy shoppe, etc- and are interested in promoting your business to my readers, I would love to see what you have to offer! (See below to see what I have to offer you!) I also encourage publishers to contact me for these things as well.

I am excited to offer my readers a contest or two throughout the year- starting with this Yule.

Witch Mom currently gets about 10K pageviews per month, and I have 535 followers from the various sources- Facebook fan page, Networked Blogs, Google reader, Feedburner, Twitter, and Blog Frog as of 10/1/2010.) That's pretty good very targeted exposure to witches and pagans who are interested in pagan parenting, among other things!

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  1. If you feel my shop has anything that fits, I'd like to participate :)



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