Saturday, May 14, 2011

Interesting News of Faith and Spirit!

I have been collecting links and videos on other religions, interfaith activities, and the like and want to share them with you. Fantastic articles!

Muslims and Christians, working together:

Atheists asking for a chaplain of their own in the military. I personally support this idea and believe that everyone has the right to ask for help that is of comfort to them and not settle for help that makes them uncomfortable or feel marginalized.

Evangelical Christians attacking Native American faith. Sometimes I wish it was not so easy to point out messed up stuff that specific factions in Christianity do, but they make it so easy.

A new kind of Rabbi. Judaism is evolving and with it, embracing so many that were not before. (As a side note, I find it so interesting that with the Jewish Renewal movement, you see so many Jews returning to celebrations and traditions that only Orthodox folks or mystics were marking for so long).

Queer Voodooisants on the east coast. Voudou, like many faiths, has a place for queerness.

How a sitting practice actually changes the structure of your brain (for the better). Buddhists and other meditation aficionados, take note!

More on the reign of terror in South Africa. Witch hunts are killing people- today, in this day and age. Mostly, American evangelicals are to blame.


  1. I love coming here. You always have something interesting.

  2. Thanks, Teresa! I love having you!


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