Monday, December 26, 2011

"Pagan Community"

Recently, I had an interaction that left me flabbergasted at the unspoken racist assumptions of some folks with whom I had hoped to have a closer relationship. What saddened me was that they used their pagan perspectives to justify their entitled (racist) perspectives. When I brought up (what seemed to me to be) the elephant in the room, I was the bad guy. It left me uncomfortable, sad, and angry.

I know several of my friends have told me of their experiences as outsiders in communities in which they supposedly belong. I have felt that way myself at times (haven't we all)? But if we continue systemic, unchecked assumptions about others we never get the chance to improve as people.

In 2012, Witch Mom will be featuring perspectives from folks who feel like outsiders in the greater pagan/polytheist/pantheist communities. This includes but is not limited to people of color, people in non-Wiccan traditions, queers, and more.

If you think this includes you, I would love to hear from you. Please shoot an email to lillitushahar (at) gmail (dot) com.


  1. as a black woman in the pagan community i can definitely tell you, people who claim to be the most'liberal & open' are always the ones who make comments at open circles that make you look at them and wonder what century or even decades they think they are living in.

    I always feel like the odd girl out, especially as the (most of the time) only black woman in the room

    This sounds like this articles are going to be great I can't wait.
    Be Blessed

  2. This will be interesting to read. I've come to the conclusion that the pagan community (even before you add those /s) is simply too diverse to be called a community. I was born into a witch family 40-something years ago, raised as a pagan, and now don't feel like I belong at all in "the pagan community" - especially considering any mention of being a cradle witch is considered politically incorrect and "elitist" amongst pagans. So I no longer bother. I lurk at a few blogs like this one, but practice my spirituality in solitude while out there a whole bunch of people half my age tell me what being pagan is supposedly all about. I'm kind of surprised anyone could feel a sense of inclusion or belonging as a pagan these days. "Pagan" can mean so many different, and often contradictory, things. And if I say I'm a pagan you're probably going to think certain things about me - eg, I'm pro-choice - which aren't true. So I join the increasing number of oldtimers who feel like outsiders in the community into which they were born.

    Of course, its great paganism is growing and developing, don't get me wrong :-)

  3. Good luck to you, Sugar. I found out a long time ago pagans can hate as strongly and quickly as anyone else can.

  4. Oh yes lol I am too .
    I was mostlypagan through my life aborginal pagan pathuntil my late 30's I joined the catholic church . then via celtic christianity I became interested in celtic european paganism . most of my friends are pagan or secular I only have one christian friend . I can say all but one pagan friend / family member are hatefelt . most of them have goddess complex which is just as hatfelt as a god complex .
    I am now more christo pagan I love my aboriginal catholic church and yet practice my pagan ways too. I love my blended path just as I love my blended race . why do people say they are accpeting of blended race but not religion .it makes no sense to me . to be open and beleive all are connected s not what most pagans beleive here in my community . I have to not mention Jesus or saints ever when in their presence . I work in the area of abuse and pagans are just as capable of being bullies and abusers as anyone else using their religion as an excuse to harm others under the guise of goddes or god it is their abusive choice and behvaiour their religion is not what makes them abuse .
    I really look forward to hearing from people on this it is a great topic . be neat to hear from people who are not in the stereotypical boxes society places them in like prolife pagans or gay catholics ,single parent dads .it takes alot not to view one self as victim either when persecuted but it makes us stronger to act in kindness to those who are just ignorant .we cannot help the bully by being bully so I try and respond tothe hatefelt by that which will not put hate o resentment into my heart . in the end people are people . I had to tell a woman who was really steamed that christians celebrate the solstices equinoxes that in fact the seasons are given to all peoples no religion can take ownership of the earth or the seasons etc.

  5. My friend Jason pointed me in this direction, in case you want to read pagan women of color speak about their faith before my series:


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