Saturday, December 10, 2011

Witchcraft DIY

I have numerous boards on Pinterest- many boards on homeschool curricula, crafting, and DIY (separated into different boards based on subject) but one that I think is original and unique is my Witchcraft DIY board. On it, I "pin" interesting skills and crafts that come in handy in ritual, for spells, and more.

What kinds of projects? Here are some examples from my Witchcraft DIY board:

How to make floral garlands

Mead making 101

How to build an herb spiral

Making a box from an orange peel: perfect for spells that you bury.

Lughnasadh wreaths

Elderflower Sun Cordial recipe

Carving skulls from butternut squash

Great way to make cords.

Pinterest is a unique way of filing things- in addition to this photo, all of these crafts, tricks, tips, recipes, and such are linked to tutorial- so everyone can take part! If you are on Pinterest, be sure to follow me- I update my boards weekly.

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  1. Thank you for telling us what Pinterest is. No, am not mocking. Have seen it on this blog, of course, but had no interest in exploring it as I thought it may be another FB, and I try to limit the boards I see as I've been feeling scattered for a long time. *whew* (see?) But now, I will visit it.


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