Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Just a Quick Post!

Hey y'all! We are almost done unpacking after moving on Tuesday the 16th. If you actually knew how much stuff was moved, you'd gasp with how much effort being "almost done" actually means. It means we only have altars to erect, a temple to outfit, and decorations to put up left. Our kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms are complete and our books are unpacked (that can be- we need to get a few more bookshelves to fit them all).

We went to a new UU church this week- where my grad school advisor is the minister and one of my co-seminarians is the intern. Rowan got to play with kids in the nursery and after worship, I got to talk to the minister about volunteer opportunities in religious education. We are meeting later this week to chat over coffee!

Today, we got several packages (groan- as if we need more boxes to break down) that I am psyched about. As many of you know I started an Etsy store called Boline. It is a botanica (magical herb and more store) and an apothecary (herbal supplements and remedies for healing). Well, not only did my worm bin come (composting for the homestead!), but also my dehydrator and mushroom spores! I will be growing four species of medicinal mushrooms for Boline- reishi, maitake, turkey tail, and shiitake. I will be drying and offering whole mushrooms, powdered encapsulations, and tinctures of these. Stay tuned for blog posts all about these amazing mushrooms and what they can do for your health and what diseases they are used to treat.

Inspirational laundry-mat signs.
I also got a variety of oyster mushroom spore that will grow in my coffee grounds. As someone who drinks coffee almost every morning, this is an awesome way to use those grounds (in addition to the worm bin, I mean).

This weekend I have a full plate, too. On Saturday, I am attending my first ever "Art Party"- which is a monthly Columbus get-together of artists creating together. Sunday is not only church, but a bird mart. As someone who works with parrots professionally, I need to get out there and network with parrot people in my new locale. So I made new business cards and will be schmoozing at the bird mart!

My partner is at the first day of his new job. He cares for the elderly and today he starts on a "memory care" unit- which is to say people with dementia. He is sure to be excited and exhausted this afternoon when we go to get him.

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