Thursday, February 23, 2012

Why We Need Real Sex Education

I was asked by the creator of this image to post it, an I am more than happy to do so.

Reproductive Health Education
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  1. While I agree with this image to a point, I'd just like to point out that being a 'teen mom' isn't by any means a bad thing necessarily. As a married, early graduate, Pagan, teen mom of a planned daughter I can tell you that Sex-Ed is NOT the only answer for helping teens prevent pregnancy and STDs. I know I'm in the minority of being self-sufficient, married, etc before I got pregnant but of my peers, most were accidental and many weren't ready. What didn't help was the lack of understanding, because 95% of the peers I know who got pregnant, they were using both some form of birth control AND condoms. The lack of understanding caused prejudice and when some of these girls needed help and resources, many people turned their back on them. With no where to turn of COURSE 50% are not going to graduate high school.

    The whole "teenaged pregnancies are so BAD" attitude is really not helping teenage girls. It's only hurting them. Accidents happen and for the sake of the girls who were doing everything 'right' (birth control, condoms, etc) we need to stop this attitude which promotes prejudice. By alienating this group, we are helping teen moms drop out, become low-income families, emotionally damaging a whole demographic, and perpetuating prejudice. What we need is not just Sex-Ed, but understanding that girls and boys ARE going to have sex, and that even when they are doing the 'right' thing, accidents are going to happen and when that's the case, we should bring support to them. The argument 'well if we make it look like there's help why will teens NOT want to get pregnant?' well they will see how much help their peers need just to graduate and live day to day. We shouldn't have to alienate a whole demographic just to try and convince teens not to get pregnant.

    I kinda ran in circles there a bit and I didn't mention a lot of what I wanted to because I don't want to type a big long thing at this moment, but I do want to say, Sex-Ed is great and very much needed...the attitude towards teen pregnancy...not so much. More understanding and support is much needed for these girls. An image should be made about how many teen moms would graduate if more help was offered, how many would rise above low-income status, how many go on to live happy healthy lives, when support is offered instead of prejudice.

  2. Hey Mommy Rose!

    By posting this I was in no way not trying to support teen moms. I was one of those "totally not ready" teens that got pregnant and it really threw my life for a loop and it took several years o get back on track, myself.

    We do not prepare our children enough for life- we don't teach them well about money, sex, debate, politics, or any numerous topics. I am of the opinion that we need more education on many things and that knowledge only helps- it helps people make and understand the consequences of their choices.

    I agree that more understanding and support is needed for teen gorls who find themselves pregnant. I sure could have used it!


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