Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tangible Witchcraft: Making Ink

Making your own inks for magick spell writing or taking notes is a great idea. Using a special pen and ink for your magickal workings is one way of putting you in a different place- one ready to work magick and communne with the divine. I use a special pen and ink when doing oracular work.

One way to make a special ink is with oak tree galls (click for images). What are "oak galls"? They are balls on the trunk or branches of an oak that are created by the larvae of wasps and are found on oak trees. 

Galls are irregular plant growths which are stimulated by the reaction between plant hormones and powerful growth regulating chemicals produced by some insects or mites. Galls may occur on leaves, bark, flowers, buds, acorns, or roots. Leaf and twig galls are most noticeable. The inhabitant gains its nutrients from the inner gall tissue. Galls also provide some protection from natural enemies and insecticide sprays. 

But for our purposes, they are used in healing, in Witchcraft charms, and to make ink. This ink lasts forever and has been used to make some of humankind's greatest works: Bach's Concertos, Leonardo Da Vinci's drawings to name but a few.

Here's how to make the ink: 

1. Collect a handful of galls, choose ones with holes in them (so you know that the insect has made its escape). 
2. Grate them as fine as possible. 
3. Put the galls in half a pint of water & add in some rusty nails. 
4. In an old pan boil gently for 15 - 20 min. (This is the smelly step!) You can also choose to have it steep for days without boiling. It creates a purple-black or brown-black ink.
5. Cool, then strain through a coffee filter & store in a jar. 

This ink keeps indefinitely (if you find mold growing on the top- no worries- just strain it and rebottle it).

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