Monday, October 29, 2012

Friday Family Fun Night!

The Candle and Poem in question...
So we have started this weekly ritual at my house- we call it Friday Family Fun Night. We were inspired by our Jewish friends who are lucky enough to have Shabbat every Friday evening-Saturday day. After spending many Shabbats with them, we were encouraged to come up with a personalized, Witchy equivalent.

So... what is the ritual about? The ritual marks the end of the work week (which is harder to do than you might think). It is about making time for family relationships and connections and having fun.

And what do we do? The ritual has morphed since we started (and I further expect it to morph as we go), but as of now we light a special candle that mama made (which burns all night during our time together), read aloud a poem that daddy wrote for the occasion, and then stomp around the dining room table (often with flamboyant arm gestures or props) chanting, "Friday Family Fun Night!" until we giggle.

Rowan, waking daddy on Saturday.
Then we get into jammies and do things together as a family. Popping corn and watching a movie, playing games, making hot cocoa, snuggling, singing, or storytelling. As Rowan ages, there will be lots of things we can do together as a family. The plan is that FFF is a home activity, anchoring us to one another and home, creating a shape to our weeks that is reliable and predictable (kids thrive on routine), and bonding, bonding, bonding.

We then spend the next day doing family things as well- a family sabbath where we do not work and spend time together. We always make a nice breakfast together (Rowan helps!), and then check the available activities out there on the "Rowan's Potential Fun Stuff Calendar" (mama gets email updates and checks websites and adds them to a calendar so we do not miss cool things like story times, fairs and festivals, and the like.

Most of the stuff we do is free or low cost. Being poor it has to be. But spending money is not the point- being together in the best possible way, being present with one another is.

The poem:

Frigg's Eve, by Oberyn Kunning
All week long we toil, toil
Weaving, spinning, singing, growing
So we set the cauldron to boil
And pour it out, Love ever-flowing

When Frigg's Eve comes, one out of seven
Our work we set aside
And together, Kunnings Three, at home we do reside
Hand-in-hand and heart-to-heart
We set the lights to mark its start (light candle here)

Friday Family Fun Night! (x infinity)


  1. That's wonderful! I don't work on the Saturday either. It seems like a natural break doesn't it?

    Have fun in your Family Fridays! :)

  2. It really does. Rowan now asks what day of the week it is regularly- because he looks forward to FFFN!

  3. That sounds sooo lovely! As a divorcee, my son usually spends Friday nights with his father and sometimes the whole week-end too. We always have a great family time when we're together, but I've never made a ritual out of it. That sounds like a neat thing to do. Maybe I'll try and make a more "formal" ritual out of it when my son spends the week-end with me.

    (PS. It's me again, Blogger just seems to insist on making me "Anonymous" even though I've signed in using WordPress! Wish those 2 would be more compatible (or we could comment without using an account).)


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