Monday, December 3, 2012


Beloved Dead (Humans)
My heart is glad today because as of this morning, we have shelves in our dining room for both our Craft/occult library and our beloved dead altars.

It has taken 10 months of saving and planning to get shelving for our dining room for these purposes, and in the meantime, a hole has been keenly felt in our lives, to be sure.

Beloved dead (Other species)
Often, we have been looking for "that one book", only to find it is buried in the basement, waiting to be unearthed. Especially now, we are starting to make connections with magick folks here in our new home- and want to share that one tidbit of insight. It has been frustrating, to say the least. But huzzah and hooray, we only have to unpack now. We now have several rooms mostly complete in our new home.

The shelf where both
dead altars are kept.
Now, in addition to our mealtime ritual of gratitude practice ("What was your favorite part of the day?" is a question that we ask of each person every night, and we usually let Rowan ask all of us.) and lingering over food and conversation in the dining as a social act, we will be resuming the offerings to our dead.

The ritual we have of making offerings at mealtimes to our ancestors and friends has been put on hold all this time, as I did not want fragile things broken with a make-do altar space. I am so glad that we can start showing Rowan how to make offerings and why we do it- and incorporate it into Rowan's everyday life. Living the magick, being the Witchcraft- that is what our lives were and now will be about.

And now that my partner and I are meeting with people that may become students, having access to our libraries is critical. Now when I recommend a book I can read along with the other person and have better discussions.

The start of the library.

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