Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tangible Witchcraft: Dreaming Bag

My student and I are working on myriad projects: as he learns necromancy, we compliment the ritual work with cunning. Here, we make dreaming bags. Bags designed to welcome them into our dreams, open ourselves up to them, and remember their messages of import.

I open myself up, go into a trance state, and do automatic writing.
Afterwards, I circle words of importance to help me design a sigil.

The sigil, also done in light trance.

I will be teaching my student green Craft (logically!)
and here s a trio of herbs for our dream bags, carefully selected for their properties.

My bag, mid-process. We embroidered the sigils onto a bag and then stuffed them with herbs and other curios.

The finished bag.
My students sigil was very different from mine (naturally!), as these are custom works designed for our own needs. At one point during the crafting, he asked, "Ever don this in fabric paint?". I wrinkled my nose. "There is something very magickal about needlework." I replied. "You are deliberately changing the fabric as you add floss and create not only a design, but a new thing altogether. The bag will never look the smae, even if you remove the embroidery. Far more old school than puffy paint." I snorted.

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