Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cyber Witch

Organize your Witchyness!
So being involved in Traditional Witchcraft does not make me a techno=phobe. Quite the contrary, I blog on a laptop, have Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter accounts, and have a smartphone.

On that smartphone (an iPhone is my device of choice, though I am sure there are similar apps for Android devices) is a folder called "Crafty" (and another folder for on plant and wildlife identification for my new home)- and they include apps that make Witchy life just a tad easier. Yes, dear reader- "there's an app for that".

Apps in my Crafty folder:

1. A Compass (yes, I can look at the sun and determine this during the day, but at night, it's more tricky!)

2. Two that identify constellations in the sky (day or night!) I haven't figured out which one I like better yet, so I have two right now.

3. A cemetery app- this app shows where the cemeteries are near you using a GPS (or search in a specific place not near you). If you find one that is not recorded, you can document it and add it to the database. This app was made to be interactive, so all the cemeteries in the US can eventually be recorded. Very handy indeed.

4. A meditation gong/timer- super helpful when doing sitting while out and about! I love to do sitting outside under a tree, and this allows me to know when I am done.

5. A candle app- A simple very life-like animated candle burning app, that includes several styles of candle to choose from. (I personally hate the music, so I mute it.) This app is pretty neat because it responds to breath and sputters if you come too close. You can literally blow your candle out when done. I consider this a focus tool. I can stare at the candle and it assists in entering trance states for divination, travel, or oracular work while not at home.

My Gansburg Clock.
6. The Gansberg Clock- This is a super neat clock that tells where we are in the day, week, and year- and it includes moon cycles, the Wheel of the Year sabbats, and Gregorian calendar months. Want to read more about The Gansberg Clock? Here you go!

There are also a few apps that I don't take very seriously in that folder:

7. A rune app- I don't usually do full divination on a gadget. Why? I believe that actual divination requires a human being, open to the All-There-Is so that they can get guidance. A machine cannot do that. I consider this a fun app, not one I take too seriously. If I am ever looking for a quick answer, I consult a pendulum, which can be found anywhere.

8. A Tarot app- see my disclaimer above about runes. Fun!

9. A horoscope app- I have a couple astrologers that I think are awesome. Most astrologers, I have found, are not very accurate. It is a rare one that I want to read regularly. So this is a fun app.

What apps, if any, do you use to assist you in your Wyrd?

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