Monday, April 8, 2013

The Farmer's Market

My new regular in-person home is in the
Franklinton neighborhood of Columbus- and is a
lovely mix of art, performance, farms, artisans, and crafts.
Lately, a lot of my time has been taken up by Boline. Making new products, creating packaging,  building my own ecommerce site, and now- direct sales at the 400 West Rich Farmer's Market.

The market is currently twice a month, but is gearing up to go weekly in June. And I have worked very hard to have enough different products, cute signage, and nice displays so that I can have a compelling booth to passers by.

I now have even more products available at the market than I have on the Boline website. (Because they sell faster than I can keep them in stock and get them photographed! A good problem to have!)

I have been next to a reptile rescuer who does
educational shows, someone who makes pipes
from antlers, a soapmaker, and a ukelele instructor!
I have met some wonderful people- both vendors and customers- at the market. And customers are very helpful to help me understand what people are looking for, what their current understanding of herbalism is, and how people think.

For example, many folks do not understand the way tonics work, as they are used to (growing up in our culture) treating conditions only as they arise and are acute.* And while I am personally committed to saving the honeybee by using and getting local honey, wax, pollen, and propolis from eco-friendly beekeepers in my remedies, many vegans will shun beeswax in their topical remedies.

Starting in May, Boline will also be tabling at other outdoor fairs and festivals, too- an art festival in my neighborhood called The Clintonville Art Crawl, an Etsy-sponsored "Eco-Chic Craftacular", and a local street fair called CrestFest. I have also enlisted a friend to help me staff the booth and he offers massages in his massage chair (he is an amazing massage therapist).

I have also talked with the folks at Small Business Beanstalk, and they have made suggestions about my next steps to move from retail only to wholesale- and having my products in local stores.

As I said- I have super busy! Starting in May, every Saturday is a Boline day- and that is so much more than sales. I often talk with people about their health concerns and recommend remedies, even ones that I do not currently sell. In this society where so few have access to affordable health care, I hope to be of help to those that need it.

In the works: a migraine tincture, medicinal mushroom tinctures (for immunity and cancer), and sore muscle rub in a roll up stick, a sun block, and a few more teas. I also have two forms of lozenges that are not on the website, as I do have photos of them yet.

See you at the market!

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