Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Everyday Witchcraft: Making Offerings

Often in the past, the basic forms of Witchery escaped me as I pursued a busy (mundane) life. Not so now that I am raising a Witchlet. He reminds me to slow down, maintain rituals, and teach him about the worlds in the process.

One such practice is making offerings. We have three altars downstairs onto which we make offerings: my patron, Lilith; Ganesh; and our beloved dead. We keep Lilith and Ganesh in the living room on the mantle, side-by-side (as weird as that juxtaposition sounds!) because in many ways, they balance one another out (and I am ever in need of balance!) in their extremes. We keep the beloved dead altar(s)* in the dining room, so they can feast with us.

Each gets offerings that they enjoy: Lilith gets suffering, spit, and booze (we also light incense for her). Ganesh gets flowers, sweets, and entheogens. And our dead get some of our food and milk and honey. Here is a typical Tuesday afternoon, with Rowan helping out mama to make the offerings.

Flowers from outside for Ganesh.

Spitting for Lilith
Ganesh got a lolly that Rowan was coveting. It was touching that he gave it to Ganesh instead.

Lilith got some port, spit, and incense.

Rowan gave the dead some of his peanut butter and jelly graham cracker, along with the milk and honey.


  1. Lovely, making me wish I could do it all over again with my own children. Don't worry - I'm able to accept that we each walk our own path. Your baby is beautiful - enjoy this time.

  2. This is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing! It motivates me in so many ways!


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