Sunday, September 25, 2011


So I am writing this from on the road, on Mabon actually- from a dining room table in Denver, CO and a desk in a Motel 6 in Indianapolis- furniture that does not belong to me.

In fact, everything that I own is either somewhere on a truck headed for Ohio (I hope!) or stuffed into my car. I have no more house keys- just a car key. It is simultaneously liberating and strange. I am very much a Taurus- earthy and rooted and I get attached to things.

Most nights, we stayed in Motel 6's: Wells, Nevada; Laramie, Wyoming; Columbia, Missouri; and now Indianapolis, Indiana. They are cheap and pet-friendly. As a weary traveler arriving with a cranky toddler and two frustrated parrots, I am grateful how easy they have been (although my back aches from the awful beds). In between, we stayed with other initiates of our Witchcraft tradition, wonderful friends- they opened their home to us and we stayed an extra whole day to visit.

Sitting at their dining room table, coffee in hand, I realize how profoundly grateful I am for my life and the people in it. I guess it is that time of year- Mabon is a Witchy thanksgiving of sorts. So I am taking the time to really feel my gratitude, since a sabbat ritual will not be happening today (today is the last of our driving days- tonight we sleep in Ohio!)

I am grateful for my Witch family- an almost invisible (to outsiders) network of people across the world who don't get all showy about their connection to the gods- because they don't have to. I am so grateful for tribe of all sorts, including my Rad Fae kin. I am grateful for my immediate family- my partner, my ex-wife, my son, my two parrots, and my Witch mama and siblings. I am grateful to have what resources that I do have- a car to get us across the country, places to stop, and great ideas to ponder and learn about in school. I am grateful for the food I eat today- with friends and family. I am grateful for the family that awaits us in Ohio, with promises of shelter, an oil change, and open arms.

I know that you reading this after the fact (there are posts queued up before this one), but Happy Mabon, y'all! For what are you grateful today?


  1. Happy Mabon to you also, and I hope you have arrived safely and well!

    Right now, I am thankful for: my partner, my children, my mother, my fellowship of UUs, the change in weather for the cooler, Viking festivals, and all the wonderful people I have been coming to know through their blogs. It's fantastic to feel surrounded by so many supportive and understanding voices! And the weather means sweaters and hot chocolate - autumn is my favorite season - hooray!

  2. Merry Mabon!

    I am sending happy/positive thoughts to you as you make your voyage!! I always check your blogs to see how things are going for you :)

    I am thankful for a beautiful home, a job that pays my bills, my perfect husband, my loving family and my pup and witchy-kitty :)

    blessed be!


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