Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tomorrow's Full Moon

Tomorrow is the full moon in September, also known as the Harvest Moon (The full moon closest to the equinox is the Harvest Moon, but sometimes that is in October. If that happens, the full moon in September is the Full Corn Moon).

The full moon is a great time to do magick that is culminating (as opposed to the new moon, which is great for starting and blessing a new project) in nature. As I am about to leave the Bay Area, which I have called home for 18 years, it seems appropriate to do something to commemorate and celebrate my life here and bless those loved ones I leave behind in my new journey.

I will be making offerings to the local land spirits here, under the moon. I will give milk, honey, and whiskey and ask that they care and nurture my loved ones.

What will you be doing this full moon?


  1. Very likely to be attending a birth.

  2. Marvelling, being happy and wishing. I love Mabon. Really looking forward to Autumn stepping in.


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