Thursday, November 10, 2011

Today's Full Moon

November’s full moon (which happens on the 10th) goes by many different names:
    * Ancestor Moon
    * Beaver Moon (Colonial America)
    * Larder Moon (Stregheria)
    * Moon of the Dead
    * Mourning Moon (Neo-Paganism)
    * True Moon
    * White Moon (Chinese)

Here in the part of the world that I occupy now, (Appalachia) it is called the Apple Moon.

Most of these names have to do with harvest or the dead, both very Witchy subjects. For most, following the wheel of the year comes from an agricultural world view- planting, ripening, harvest, laying fallow and how that is a metaphor for our lives. Communing with the dead is reserved mainly for Witches, shamans, and other clergy of (mostly) non-Abrahamic religions.

Protesters at the Port of Oakland on General Strike Day.
This full moon, I am a little sad and grieving for my home in Oakland, California, especially since the Occupy movement is so important and animated there. I am watching from afar and wishing my friends, chosen family, Witch family, and co-seminarians as they do the hard work of dismantling corporate control of our lives. I wish I could be there with them.

This month, I am working for the protection of my family and those I care about (an issue I will not speak of here, but would love your prayers and well wishes), for harmony in my temporary home (living with extended family can be tense at times), and for the safety of the protesters in all the cities they occupy- safety from overzealous law enforcement, corporate media, and extreme weather.

What are you working on this full moon?


  1. I'm glad I saw that this morning. I'm healing from a miscarriage and trying to conceive and using "Lunaception" to help stimulate ovulation. Knowing that this full moon is associated with the dead, I'll meditate on that and let the passing of the full moon pull my grief along with it. Thank you.

  2. My birthday is Halloween so as a Scorpio born on Halloween I've always been very connected with the issues of life and death. I'm in this place in my life where I'm learning to be comfortable with who and what I know myself to be. This full moon I'm committing to getting past the fear. Fear is holding me back. And I'm committing to working with herbs and plants and learning more about them. Thanks for your blog posts. They are so informative. I hope you can find some things to smile about in the next few days. All is well!

  3. Victoria: You are most welcome. I wish you lots of healing and fertility in the months to come!

    Califia's Lap: Hard work, overcoming fear. Here is what I have written about it in the past. Best wishes to you.

  4. Life and success for myself and my boyfriend.

  5. This full moon is also one of the traditional times where Hindu women celebrate and honor Lakshmi, by cleaning an area of their home and filling it with sparkling lanterns or candles lit to entice her to come dwell with them awhile and bless their endeavors.
    I pulled a multitude of cards (using the Goddess Tarot) that depicted her last night in my reading. Then in my research about her found this out, so I am moved to do the same. Especially since I am starting on a new path to bring prosperity into my family through a new career which is her area of dominance.


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