Saturday, January 14, 2012

Body Positive Images

Fat phobia is rampant in society. While I hardly consider a size 12 (the model below is a 12) "fat"- this model is doing her part to promote size acceptance.

A size 6 is considered a "plus size model". Shame.

For more great writing on fat positivity and size acceptance, please read:

The Fat Trap, where scientists talk about the difference in sizes as a genetic variation within our species.

The Year of Living Fatly, whose sass makes me snort and laugh.


  1. I personally think that she is gorgeous! Sad what society tries to make all think what is normal. Not saying that smaller woman aren't normal, but "larger" woman are too and just as lovely!

  2. I highly recommend "Losing It. False Hopes and Fat Profits in the Diet Industry." by Laura Fraser. Liberated me.

  3. She's a beautiful, healthy woman. What's sick is someone imagining a size 6 is a plus size. Who are these people and why do their opinions matter anyway? WE are the consumers- and they need our fat a$$e$ to stay in business.
    "Vanity" sizing is dishonest and warps reality.

    I worked retail in the Women's Department-size 18 and up; Misses was size 10-18, Juniors were everything lower. Our department brought in the most revenue for the store, not the department that carried the size 0 jeans. Most of the time those sizes didn't sell and had to be sent back to the distributor for a credit.There were Petite scaled clothing in all three categories. The clothes were beautiful. It's all in how you put an outfit together.

    People need to be honest about what size they really wear. There is no shame in wearing an 18+ anything. It's only a number, and you shouldn't allow it to define who you are-only you can do that. If you let the 'powers that be' in the clothing industry define who you are, then guess who's fault that is? YOURS. Learn to fight back-I did. Don't have that pretty garment in a size 18-20? How unfortunate because they just lost a sale. I will take my business and money where I am treated with equal respect as every other customer.If enough customers hurt their bottom line, the industry will change.

    Meanwhile, I have learned to sew well enough that I purchase designer patterns and can make pretty much any piece of clothing I desire, in the size and color I want, and the bonus is that usually it costs a third of what I would have spent at the store that sneered at me.


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