Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This Is Your Brain on TV

What TV does to brain chemistry:

This is why I am so looking forward to having our own TV free space very soon. Rowan is being exposed to too much TV, in my opinion. He knows character names, asks for them, and when I tell him he's had enough "crack" for the day, he says, "More? More crack?"

Sometimes I come home when his grandparents have been watching him and they have been watching a violent movie or TV show. Rowan doesn't pay as much attention to those shows as he does to children;s programming, but who is to say he hasn't seen someone get shot? I am glad that he will not have that opportunity after we move for a long time.


  1. Other than a movie once in a while, I don't usually let my kids watch tv. My three year old doesn't care either way, but my 4 year old throws a total fit.

  2. I hear you! When I quit my full time job for part-time and to be home more with my son, I canceled cable. We now only have streaming netflix for our TV (though I promised hubby I'd get local channels going, just haven't done that yet!).

    I also buckled down on TV time with the kid... no more than 2 hours a day of screen time. That includes wii games. Sometimes I try to make it less than that if I can sneak it in! The ipod and music comes in handy for that.


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