Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Oestara!

Last year, I wrote about Easter's pagan roots for those of you that are unaware that most of the cultural trapping of Easter, as it is practiced here in the US is pagan in origin.

This year, I get to start some of the exciting family traditions with Rowan, because he is old enough to participate and understand more. So what are we doing?

Yes, this mama bought peeps.
Today, I picked up the symbols of Oestre, goddess of spring and renewal, namely, rabbits, baby animals, and eggs. I got Rowan a bright spring green bucket decorated with bunnies in lieu of a basket (we can use it at the beach later this year and is so much more durable than those flimsy dyed baskets)!

I got some reusable plastic eggs to stuff full of sweets, coins, and stickers of baby animals. I got a gy-normous chocolate rabbit, mainly for the satisfying squeal factor. Yes, mama loves it and panders!

Norway's "Easter Witch"
I picked up some chalk eggs for us to draw flowers on the sidewalk after our egg hunt. I plan on decorating the house when he naps tomorrow, and taking him out of the house immediately afterwards. After we pick up his daddy from work, we'll come home and "discover" that there are eggs hidden everywhere! I think he'll get a big kick out of it.

Tonight, we have guests coming for dinner and it is a potluck. But if we were doing this sabbat to the nines (as I hope to do next year) we would have a suckling pig.

For those of you looking for ideas, I have an Oestara Pinterest board, as well as boards for Beltaine and other sabbats (and non Witch holidays, too!). What are you doing with your Witchlets this sabbat?


  1. I am going to attempt to wake early, and get their baskets set up. Then I'm going to have my 4 year old help me with boiling some eggs and then dying them, and I'm going to paint some pagan symbols on them, like the spiral and triple moon. :D

  2. I absolutely love the 'Easter Witch', I'll have to add it to my collection! Its always a little hard to reconcile Ostara with Easter here in my home. The first year we celebrated Ostara as a family it was only a few days apart from Easter so it was fairly easy... the last few though have been weeks apart... Anyway, loved the post and the pic!

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