Friday, April 6, 2012


There's always one square peg...
As part of my community involvement here in my newly adopted city of Columbus, Ohio (as well as getting my business Boline off the ground), I have decided to host a series of "Crafternoons"- events that are all about fun DIY projects in a single afternoon!

All Crafternoons are about doing it ourselves, sustainability, creativity, and community building. I hope that all will be fun and create amazing projects that people will remember. When Boline is eventually a brick and mortar store and community center, I hope that the Crafternoons will continue in that space as well- bringing the pagan, herbal medicine, and sustainability communities together under one roof.

I am hosting my first Crafternoon on Sunday, April 22nd. It being spring and all, I figured making seed bombs (also known as Earth dumplings) was a great first activity. I hope that the attendees will make their seed bombs, then go out and make Columbus a better place by disseminating them in places of blight and neglect.

Heart shaped bombs.
I am trying to build community and also exposure for Boline here, so I am keeping the fees very low. Fees cover materials, space, and marketing and not much more (so people from all income levels can participate). The materials fee for this simple April Crafternoon is only $15 and should sell out pretty quickly as space is limited to 10 people (so if you want to come, do not delay!).

Future 2012 

Crafternoons will host several sessions this year. This spring and summer, we will be making beeswax candles, making lip balms and other toiletries, and pasta making. This fall, we will be using a bouteous harvest to can tomatoes (and tomato products!), pickle and make kraut, and make sugar skulls for Dia de Los Muertos. Come explore new things and learn with us! Check out the site and register for one of the first three events!

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