Wednesday, April 4, 2012

White Shamans and Plastic Medicine Men

Keeping with the theme of racism in the pagan/polytheist/pantheist ("triple P") communities, I wanted to post the documentary, "White Shamans and Plastic Medicine Men" here.

While this deals a lot with the New Age communities (whom to me want to purchase their spirituality and are not religions like many triple P traditions), it also impacts and touches folks in our communities as well. I am a firm believer in "owning your shit". This is something white triple P people need to address, so here it is, in my blog.

Part One:


  1. Lol I love the 1491's sketch on the Indian name !
    I've written quite a bit on the whole fakey trying to be rather than being . We have to remember there is prejudice based on skin tone every where and that includes within the Aboriginal community or any other .
    many people beleive you are not "indian " unless you come from the reserve . well the reserve is a colonized concept it is not an Aboriginal one .My sil is a neopagan and so racist ! she has the whole stereotype that Aboriginals peoples are dark skinned ! I wish she could've been at the Aboriginal Women's Moon Voice's in action gathering . on & off reserve women , all different skin tones , My friend is pure micmac and is very light skinned .
    As a mixed bloood I've had it from all sides , I'm supposed to be white , I'm supposed to be brown . honestly , are we still dealing with the issue of skin colour in this day and age ?
    Being a midewikwe/soulkeeper I have also written about the wanting to be and being . again we also have to recognize people have always shared religion , what is wrong is taking it from another . a chinese man can become a hindu or a catholic , well anyone can become a Laktoa or a Hidatsa religious beleiver . What is wrong is having people just read books & watch tv shows and then go out and claim to be . If one is a part of that religion they take part , they walk the walk .
    Being shaman begins in childhood , okay maybe some are lost and had no one to teach them but honestly taking a $500. workshop does not make som eone a shaman lol
    again I've written much about it . yes it is fine to read new agey books many have great historical facts on the Siberian shamanism or celtic shmanism . On the other hand much of it is based on taking from people trying to find a place to belong charging them huge amounts of money etc.
    I warn people and tell them that spiritual growth rarely costs money .
    there are just some awesome books written by real Aboriginal shama that influenced me in my 20's to reconnect with my Aboriginal side . Also there is a big thing in the pagan community on taking flying ointments , and I've written about it too. I find much of it is abuse of the plant not undertsnding it . Most shaman did not use nor did they need psychoactive plants to enter the other world . it is an insult to the plant as teacher to just randomly use it for such purpose just because we feel like it is cool and we are super witches .
    If people want to learn about other religions , beleif and practice , the best way is to go and take part , especially within your own area . There is also a big generic lumpo all Aboriginal peoples together . They all were unique and each tribe had their own culture . and as said at Moon Voices we all did not just sit round in teepee and be non violent . There were extremely violent tribes , slavery existed , and some tribes women were not treated very well just because of gender . in the end people are people no matter their skin tone ;-)
    Oh and as far as indian names go often we have more than one , and they can be pretty funny too .
    I named my grandson mr. silly ridiculous ☺

  2. People like that are why I get looked down on for saying I'm part Cherokee. Just cause I'm white doesn't mean shit. I know my heritage, I love my heritage. I didn't just pick an Indian tribe name out of a hat and claim to be it. Ok now I'm ranting about my own issues. You know that it's mainly an American thing to judge people on their skin color, and it's sickening.

  3. I am so glad I came across Pagan Pages and found your blog. So much of what was written here really resonates with me and what I have come to believe.


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