Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'm An Herbalist Again!

Tinctures and Vinegars brewing.
After many years of only treating myself and friends and family, I can finally say that I am an herbalist again! In fact, I am more of an herbalist than I ever was- as I am starting to grow my own medicines as well as make them and sell them- and it makes me profoundly happy.

I have plans to put in an herb spiral in the front yard- I am so excited to replace boring useless grass (the patch is small enough that it isn't even useful for playing on!) with useful herbs and wildflowers!

Boline finally has some remedies in the apothecary, with several more on the way- and I have magicks in the works, too. So what have I been up to?

Elderberries simmering in
a thyme infusion.
I made some elderberry-thyme cold elixir. I don't know about where you live, but here in Columbus, there has been this awful respiratory thing going around. Elderberries are amazing, potent, and quite tasty- my son gulps down this syrup happily! They help boost the immune system while fighting off critters. Thyme also is a powerful anti-microbial (and one of my favorite herbs!), and I used raw local honey to finish it off. Because the honey was not cooked, this helps alleviate seasonal allergies, which always make these colds worse.

I set some tinctures up. I have valerian, vitex, and hops brewing, and I have Hydrangea, St. John's Wort, and a digestive bitter tonic available in the store.

My table at a local event.
I made Witch Dance Lip Balm- organic beeswax, virgin unrefined coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, and organic peppermint essential oil. I intend on making another batch with essential oils of cinnamon and cardamom and calling the flavor "spice cookie".

I made Dream Well Tea, available loose or in bags- for dreaming. It helps get a person relaxed, asleep, and then invokes dreams with the triple whammy of hops flowers, lavender flowers, and mugwort. It smells divine.

I went wildcrafting. I found all kinds of great medicinal and culinary delights, right within walking distance of my house. I found turkey tail mushrooms, shepherds purse, and wild ramps, to name just a few. The ramps were delicious in a couple of breakfasts this week, and I am planning on harvesting the turkey tail soon. I have to wait for many of the plants to mature though- it is quite early in the season.

An example of an herb spiral.
I am making a batch of citrus-thyme vinegar- which is as germ killing as any bleach as a cleaner for my home.

I have been harvesting all my medicinal mushrooms as they come and drying them, so I can make a big batch of tincture when the time comes.

I am starting my herb garden for the year- and already have sprouts of calendula, parsley, sage, and rue coming up.

I have oils brewing of calendula, clove, thyme, comfrey, goldenseal, and oregon graperoot. With these I will be making  healing salves and anti-biotic ointments for first aid. They need a couple more weeks.

Elderberries in my compost! Woot!
Additionally, Boline has been keeping me busy in other ways. An artist is working on some logos, so that should be coming soon. Another artist is helping me with labels- the ones you see in the store are my temporary ones. I tabled at my first local event with my remedies and got to know folks. It was exciting to talk to people about their maladies and how they might go about working with me to set a path of healing in motion. Several people took cards or flyers for my Crafternoon series (which starts this month!)

At the event, I explained to several folks that usually just getting an over-the-counter medicine is not how herbalism usually works (usually an interview usually happens and an herbalist creates a remedy for them afterwards and it is tinkered with until it works perfectly). Most people in this culture are not focused on wellness, they assume a magic pill will restore them to "normal" when their normal was probably leading to their illness! They were intrigued and I hope that they seek me out for assistance.

Stay tuned for more remedies, more teas, more toiletries, and more magicks coming soon to the store!


  1. have anything for the stomach flu and a fetus that kicks you constantly in the bladder!? Let me know ;)

  2. @ Autumn: I don't have any remedies in stock for flu yet- but depending on your symptoms I would say a strong ginger or peppermint tea for your nausea with added rose hips for vitamin C and thyme for the critter-kicking qualities.

    As for the baby, I would strongly recommend birth. That tends to stop them from kicking you, from the inside anyway!

  3. haha thanks for the tips! happy wednesday!!

  4. A local garden shop had a spiral herb garden with wine bottles (turned upside down) as the structure. It wasn't as high as the one in your post, but it was colorful and the shop owner had a theory that the water that pooled in the bottoms of the bottles would get the butterflies a quick drink. I just saw it last year and that was the first I had ever heard of a spiral garden. Also, too much mint can cause 'acid reflux' in some people.


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