Thursday, September 27, 2012

October is Coming!

Rowan, "Vanna-ing" his jack'o lantern.
Rowan is getting excited as only a toddler can for October. I mean, mama loves autumn and October in particular too- but he is squealing, dancing excited.

We have the opportunity for a teaching moment here. I am going to have to get him a calendar so that he can understand how we mark the passage of time. Right now, because there are pumpkin displays and an extra candy aisle in the store, he knows Halloween is coming soon. He keeps asking when his costume will here and when he can trick-or-treat.

His nanny is making his costume, as she does every year. Last year, he was an elephant. The costume was awesome. This year, he wants to be a lightning bug. He is fascinated by them, as we didn't see any in California. So fireflies are a new exciting summer thing. Nanny is sewing a pocket in the belly of his costume so we can slip glow-sticks in there. It's gonna be pretty sweet!

He was begging for a pumpkin to carve a jack 'o lantern last week, and I kept being practical mama, saying "It's too early, Rowan. We'll get a pumpkin in October." I was not only resisting the over-commercialization of the holiday, but also thinking of the mushy rotten pumpkin mess on the porch if we carve too soon.

Needless to say, mama caved. I mean, the way we mark time seems so arbitrary to Rowan (and the Gregorian calendar IS arbitrary, anyway). He pleaded with me. The pumpkins are HERE, mama- why can't we get one? So we'll probably carve two this year. The one we just did and one before Halloween (as this one is sure to smoosh before that date!)

He deliberately picked a pumpkin with a crinkle, after looking at dozens, including "perfect pumpkins". We decided to carve a smiling lopsided face in it and he loves it. We got a battery powered disc for the bottom instead of a candle. Safer for him that way.

Stay tuned for trick or treat adventures- as well as updates on how we mark Samhain. (I see Halloween as a fun secular holiday that has Samhain-ish roots, and Samhain (which we mark at the cross-quarters, not October 31st, per se) as the religious holiday having to do with ancestors, and that is how we are raising Rowan.)


  1. I am attempting to grow pumpkins, I am so proud of myself, so far the seeds have produced growth. I am hoping I get some pumpkins before All Hallow's Eve. If not, I am hitting the stores soon! =)

  2. Hey now! I squeal and dance for October and I'm twenty something!, :)


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