Friday, September 17, 2010

More on the Origins of the Universe

Regular readers will recall in this post when I said that the newest sciences (like quantum physics) are starting to catch up with what mystics of many religions have been saying all along about our creation and the relational (rather than object) nature of the universe. Just wanted to follow up on that idea a bit more, this time with a video!

A 10 minute video to watch (make yourself comfy and get some popcorn!): 

In Feri, we say that in the beginning was God Herself, complete in and of herself. She needed no consort. She then saw her reflection in the curved black mirror f space, found herself beautiful, and made love to herself. Her orgasm was the explosion that birthed all matter, energy, and substance in the universe (including all other Gods). To me, this is a more poetic way of talking about it than some of the scientists talking about the same thing. Great video, no?


  1. Yes, it is a great video. "We are not separate from each other." Hmmm...Kinda makes useless all the energy we give to our prejudices as the Other is not separate from the I. Or am I reaching?

  2. No, you are not reaching at all. That's why all this senseless bickering about well, anything is pointless. We all come from Her and to Her we will return. We are all just a part of the greater whole.


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