Saturday, September 18, 2010

Some Amazing Things That I've Read Lately in the Blogosphere

Wanted to share with you some amazing posts that I have read lately (by amazing writers) in the blogosphere. Some are parenting blogs, others are witchy blogs, others are indefinable. All are stellar! Pagan parents, feminists, and witches, take note!

"Drive Away Now, Mommy" (Raising My Boychick): Arwyn places her kid in preschool, feelings ensue.

Magical Ink Making (The Witch of Forest Grove): Sarah and her apprentice make magical ink!

Remote Control Baby (Four Little Zwaagstras): Amazing innovations for children with disabilities!

Don't Offend Whitey (Womanist Musings): Musings on Whiteness.

Possession and Invocation (Kenaz Filan): Really great article about degrees and terminology around divine possession.

A Social Dilemma: What If We're the Only Ones Who Don't Send Our Kids to Preschool? (Daddy Dialectic): a father's musings on how preschool didn't work for his kid...

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