Monday, September 20, 2010

Watching My Son Grow: Jammy and Diaper Days

Today is a precious day: for me, it is a "jammy day" and for Rowan, it is a "diaper day". What do I mean?

We are an incredibly busy family. Always on the go and most of the time with Rowan in tow. He's been babysat all of twice so far and most of the time we just bring him along to whatever we do, unless it is inappropriate. If it is, either one of us goes (and the other stays home with Rowan) or we all do something else. We like it that way. He has learned to sleep where he is, play with what is around (we do bring toys for him, but often he prefers exploring his surroundings), and be adventurous with people and places.

But today is one of those rare days that neither Rowan nor I have to leave the house. On these days, mommy never gets out of her jammies and Rowan never puts on clothes- he just runs around in his diaper (the closest thing he gets for long term periods to being naked, which is what he'd prefer!). I love these days. So does he. He gets #1 priority on these days, even if I have chores, schoolwork, or other work to do.

I get to really study my son, learn all about his likes, dislikes, fears and joys in a way that you just cannot do when you multi-task. Today, Rowan and I played on the floor with his ball (his new favorite toy) wrestled and tickled, started learning a new sign (for "kiss"), and he watched me make soup from Mabon leftover chicken. We ate heirloom tomatoes, danced to some pirate metal  (did you know that it is International Talk Like a Pirate Day?), and laughed at the antics of my birds.

In the narrow window of time that daddy was home, we installed a new extra wide baby gate as part of our ever-expanding baby-proofing measures to contain our newly mobile son. (More to do, of course, but we are taking it one step at a time!)

One of the new things Rowan likes to do is tell me when my plants need watering. I used to have a green thumb, when I lived by myself in a cute little witch's cottage. Since living with other people, I have had bad luck with plants. Not sure if it's all the extra fauna energy trumping the plant communication or what. But lately, Rowan has been helping mommy remember our houseplants and herb garden. He will stop whatever he is doing, and stare at the plants that live above the house altar and beloved dead altar. Just stare, until I notice. Then he smiles broadly as if to say, "Yep, you got it!" Then I will go get the water pot and he watches me water all the plants, smiling all the while. I may have a hard time hearing my plants these days, but I am glad to say that Rowan hears that they are thirsty just fine!

I don't know if I would have caught this subtle, non-verbal communication if I didn't have these precious days with my son. I love the days we can both slow down and love one another, and revel in anothers' company.


  1. Found your blog through parent dish! Very cool and very interesting!
    Loads of support from an Irish-Catholic Appalachian American!

  2. Thanks! Glad to see the interview is drawing open-minded folks of all stripes here! Welcome!

  3. Delightful! Thanks for sharing. HI, ROWAN!

    Nice to see your Google Friends have reached 56.


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