Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rowan is 11 months today!

Silly Devil Cowlick
At this writing, I find it hard to believe that I have been a mother for almost a year. I am actually started to plan my son's first birthday party! It has been an incredible journey that is only just beginning. I am amazed at my son and myself daily for everyday miracles, and personal developments in both of us.

My son has been good for me. He has made me more patient, more present, and more giving. I have never been a patient person, and motherhood tests your limits. But love for Rowan supercedes any personal agenda I may have in the short-term and I gladly set aside my laptop, my reading, or my craft project to cuddle when he desires it or to console him when he is feeling sad, scared, or frightened. And I am delighted to do so. It has surprised me, actually. In those moments when I am lying next to him, cuddling instead of doing schoolwork, I look into his eyes and feel absolutely no resentment for the late night I will have in order to get my assignment done in time.

He loves sparkly things.
Must be the Rad Fae influence.
Lately he has tried my patience for sure- teething leads to inconsolable crying for prolonged periods. He is going through several phases of fighting naptime and sleeping (and more crankiness). He has entered the phase of separation anxiety from both me and his daddy- which means anytime one of us has somewhere to be, he cries for 10 minutes to an hour, missing us. I am no saint- it is at those times when I gladly pass him off to daddy (when he gets home) after those trying times in order to recharge my battery (and be a better parent ultimately). Daddy does the same thing, it's an unspoken ritual when he's been especially trying that day.

I am so happy that I get to stay home with him for over a month! My semester ended last week, and I do not have new classes until the beginning of February! While I have some personal plans (reading for pleasure! taking up embroidery again! starting the Bay Area Bureau of the Pagan Newswire Collective!), the main plan is to revel in these deadline free times with Rowan -to celebrate the time we have as a family and make new traditions.

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