Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Witch Mom Forums: Religion and Spirituality

We are having a fascinating conversation over in the Witch Mom forums. We are attempting to define for ourselves what is religion, what is spirituality, and how we identify. Since we are a diverse bunch, we have discussed so many perspectives!

We have talked about the religions that we grew up with, our current ones, science, the nature of the universe, Stephen Colbert, Catholicism, Heathenism, Witchcraft, what Gods are, monotheism vs. polytheism and pantheism, the Orisha, Loyal Rue, and so much more! It is a juicy topic- one I hope you will join!

While I have your attention, remember also to Ask Me Anything- but remember that there is a character limit to your questions- sometimes if you don't edit yourself, the last part of your questions get cut off.


  1. Dear Lily:
    Isn't that poster a negative comment on witches? That if the Religious Right insisted on bringing prayers back in school, they'll also be giving the some of the undesirable non-Christians, like the witches, the same right as well?

    Thank you for the past posts, btw. I am only now having the time to read them. Take care.

  2. It's not negative per se- but it is quite funny.

    The religious right uses words like "prayer" as if their religion is the one that invented the term and owns it. When, in reality, they started praying as part of a long tradition of prayer that predates Christianity.

    I don't see the poster as showing witches as undesirable at all, personally. I see it as a most assured threat! If we start having time for prayer in public schools, all manner of things (that the evangelicals may or may not see as undesirable) may happen.

  3. "I see it as a most assured threat!"

    Hihihihi! Good point.


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