Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sacred Space

As a religious Witch, I am lucky enough to have a room set aside in my home as a temple. It is a permanent place to do ritual, spellwork, and sacred craft. I share the temple with my partner, who is also a Witch. So it is not completely "me" that way that sacred space used to be. But then again, I never had a while room to devote to religious practice before, either!

See the old soda crate to the right?
Back in the day, I was lucky to have one altar that would not be touched or messed with by roommates or lovers. For this purpose, I had an old wood soda crate (that used to cart around glass bottles) that would serve, upended, as my altar. Usually it would be on top of my dresser- as when you live with roommates, your bedroom is the only room that is "yours".

It would be draped in fabric, have hanging items suspended from it, and still other items would be nestled inside one of the cubbies (that used to house bottles of soda, but instead served as shelves for sacred statuary, items from nature, candles, and more.) I still use one of these in a larger altar to the beloved dead so that I can "go vertical" and cram more things into my altar space. (What can I say? I am a Taurus and also part magpie!)

But having a larger room has meant being able to have not just basic working tools out on the altar, but having a room of altars that all work together. Each divine being we work with has a special place- and in front of our "working altar" (that houses tools and things in process), I have a zafu and zabuton for my sitting practice.

I have a space for sacred crafts that I am working on- such as wands and masks. And I can always go in there, shut the door and know that my privacy and space will be respected by my partner.

Having a sacred space, set aside is a luxury that I enjoy. Do you have a sacred space? What makes it special to you?

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