Friday, March 18, 2011


Axis Mundi's temple.
Witch Mom and her family are in Atlanta and have been for the last two days. We having been staying with Craft kin. Axis Mundi is a traditional Craft (Alexandrian) coven. They welcomed us to their covenstead and we have been enjoying their wonderful hospitality and conversation. Thanks to C. for picking us up at the airport at such a god-awful hour and driving us around Atlanta as well!

Yesterday was our full day in the city proper, and we had fun, southern Witchy style! After meeting some of our Faery kin for lunch (Ethiopian- yum!), we headed to Miller's Rexall for some southern conjure. Used to be (back in the day), many hoodoo folks bought up cheap franchises in order to get the business licenses to open up shop. One of the common ones were drug stores. You could get aspirin, bandages, and money-drawing floor wash all in one place. Miller's Rexall is the last of its kind.

You can buy online, over the phone,
or by mail order!
If you want to order some genuine southern conjure for yourself, Miller's Rexall does that. They have a paper catalogue that they handed me in the store (and can mail out to you)- but they also have a website. (That link is the drug store site, here is the hoodoo site.) If you call at a good time, Miss Bev can assist you over the phone. Unlike many establishments, she will walk you through the process if you have no experience with conjure. She also makes really great mojo hands and other items. I got one myself after holding it and feeling what it had to offer.

I heard a lot about Miss Bev before arriving at the shop (who is the resident root worker there), and she did not disappoint. When you walk in, she can read you like a book, I tell you. She often gives strongly worded advice and points out things you need to work on (even before you ask!). I watched her with several of our cohort, and it was astounding how well she can read people she does not know.

Afterwards, we toured a bit of the city, stopping in Little Five Points (Rowan had fun watching the skateboarders there while we had iced mochas) before heading to a delightful southern-style meal at Mary Mac's Tea Room. On the table, were unsweetened and sweet tea in pitchers and the server offered us some pot likker and cornbread while we waited for our food. It was salty goodness that Rowan loved.

I made the mistake of ordering too much food and had a huge pile to take home with me (fried seafood- mudbugs, shrimp, oysters, and a whole trout for crying out loud!). I had no idea a sampler would be that huge! After parting ways, we headed back to Axis Mundi house, and had delightful conversations and libations with a few of the coven (after putting Rowan to bed, poor thing was exhausted!).

Today, we head to a fantastic cabin in the woods north of here by a river. We are having a retreat where we will have ritual for the esbat (full moon) and the sabbat (Oestara) both. I'll be sure and get pictures!


  1. I've lived neaer Atlanta for years, but this is the first time I have heard of Miller's Rexall drugs. I will have to investigate! :-)

  2. I've done a little bit of hoodoo conjure myself. Thank you for posting the website.I am excited to check it out!


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