Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Kunnings Are Hitting The Road!

Oestara by Helena Nelson Reed
This month, our family is spending a lot of time traveling. We leave the Bay Area mid-month and fly to Georgia for some Witchy gathering goodness. We'll celebrate the full moon and Oestara among Craft kin and I am really looking forward to it.

After a long weekend in Georgia, we are driving to Ohio, where my partner's parents live. Nanny and Pap Pap want more time with their grandson (they came out to visit before he could crawl) and who can blame them? The kid is awfully cute. We will be seeing all kinds of relatives while we are there for a few more days and then we drive to Indiana.

Indiana is where my family of origin live, and they have yet to meet Rowan. I am looking forward to Rowan meeting his Grandma and Grandpa and Aunts for the first time. I wish my Grandma could be there, but she usually only flies out from Arizona for the family reunion in the summer and the winter holidays.

The Booper Tent.
We are wondering how Mister Boopy (yes, we actually call him that!) is going to do with all that traveling and lack of normal routine. I hope the fact that he has Roma blood helps living a life on the road! We have bought him a traveling tent to nap in, so he won't be in danger of rolling out of a bed.

Traveling with a baby is a new adventure for us, and we are trying to minimize the gear without shooting ourselves in the foot when we arrive at our destination. We are bringing a carseat, an umbrella stroller, his tent, a harness that straps him into a seat or onto a lap, a harness and leash for when he is wandering on foot, and a small portable high chair that straps to a table. This in addition of course to snacks, diapers, bottles, sippies, a few choice toys, etc etc. Whew! I am glad that we have a third seat for him on each flight- to make room for him as well as all his stuff. We will need that extra baggage allowance, fer crying out loud!

Wish us luck, and if you are so inclined, post in the comments your best tips for traveling with toddlers.


  1. Traveling with a little one is always a challenge but I find it is always rewarding if you remember the importance of welcoming the unexpected. Have a lovely trip!

    (I just found your blog, so nice seeing another witchy mother around the internet!)

  2. Waaa! You created Rowan his own blogspot. Lovely, lovely. Handsome family--but I think your kid's going to be a heart breaker with his looks. (But I think he's going to be kind and not a jerk because of the way you, guys, are raising him.)

    I'll sign up there, too. (It's refreshing, actually, for an adult to see things from a kid's POV. Thanks.)

    Happy tripping, guys! (Well, that's how we 'bend' English here, sometimes.)

  3. We travelled with our toddler from Vermont to Oregon last year. The best advice I have is to make sure you have the third seat just for him/her. You will definately appreciate the extra room. We also purchased some fun small toys and activities and wrapped them like gifts to bring. That way our daughter had something fun to open and some new and exciting toys to play with on the plane.


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