Monday, March 28, 2011


Nanny and Rowan
The original and main purpose of our trip was for Rowan to spend time with his grandparents. The rest of our travels were all about that.

So after a few days in Georgia, we headed to Nanny and Pap Pap's in Appalachia. The trip was long, and even though we were hoping that Rowan would sleep in his car seat most of the way- that was wishful thinking. He slept off and on, but it was a long drive, and he would wake from time to time, realize he was still in the carseat, and cry. Poor Booper.

We finally arrived at 6 AM and my partner's parents were up waiting for us. (How sweet!) Rowan was happy to be out of the car, and happier still to see a couple of dogs! Oscar and Felix the Jack Russell Terriers were a constant source of joy and amusement while playing at the house.

Rowan in an antique high chair
that has seen many generations
of his family.
We also visited relatives in the small town my partner grew up in as well as Columbus (which is several hours away). Rowan was a trooper meeting so many new people. He got a ride in Nana's wheelchair, ate lots of great farm fresh food, played "fetch my sippy cup" with his teenage cousin, and played with his 2 year old cousin and her tiny dog.

Rowan's grandparents were so amazing with him- he really loved them right away and he played and cuddled with them from the start. It was really heartwarming to watch them form such a quick bond with him. It made me realize we need to take this trip more often- for both Nanny and Pap Pap's and Rowan's sakes.

My one regret was that the trip was too short and we didn't have a chance to experience a lot of the natural world while there. I would love to take Rowan back there in better weather and teach him to fish and wildcraft. Next time!

Two guys with capes
It was neat to see the place my partner comes from- and see him interact with his family on their turf. Lots of childhood items were brought out- like his baseball glove from his pee wee days- they gave it to Rowan.

Another strange thing that was dragged out was a cape- Rowan was wearing his Scarlet Scourge cape, and Nanny remembered O'bee had a cape upstairs in his room, too. So we had fun snapping pix of two generations and their capes!

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  1. Good Morning! Enjoyed reading about your trip to Ohio, sorry you didnt get to enjoy much of the nature while you were there, but your little one got to know his grandparents and thats so important. I'm glad I stumbled on you and I'm following your blog now :)


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