Monday, April 18, 2011

Things Worth Reading

A list of what I have been reading lately that has captured my imagination, and why:

Drawing by Sarah Lawless,
The Witch of Forest Grove

1. The Witch of Forest Grove leaves a tithe to the forest that puts my offerings to shame. Gorgeous. Sarah's blog is always an interesting read. Her botanica is offline for a couple months while she gears up for festival season, but check out her wares when she is back!

2. My friend Niki turned me onto this blog and book and I am so grateful. Radical Homemakers is a book that I swear must have been written by someone eavesdropping on my dreams and ambitions. I have a stack of permaculture books and handwritten plans myself. I hope in my next move to get to a place where a semi-urban homestead is possible.

3. Grist is a great site that talks about ecology, sustainability, and more. This article talks about why our country needs more mid-sized farms.

More smaller farms!
4. New comprehensive study on the link between vaccines and autism. This issue is evidentally not over, regardless of one guy's falsified study. This issue isn't going to go away until we get some real studies, comparing rates of autism in the vaccinated population versus the unvaccinated one. As one blogger I read wrote, "show us the epidemic of unvaccinated kids with autism".

5. Urban Homesteader (and local to my community) Novella Carpenter is being harassed by our city government for raising food and selling some of the surplus. Growing food is not a crime!

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  1. Name dropped! Woot!
    What I've read of Radical Homemaker (gender neutral term!) I love. There are many different ways to live similar values!

    Sarah's blog is perhaps the best of it's kind. I read it and feel inspired, blessed, and educated all at the same time.


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