Thursday, April 7, 2011

Using Energetics as a Parent

I live by animist principles (every thing is alive in its own way, has a purpose, and a specific energy pattern that can help or hinder the things around it (depending on context and setting)). As a Witch,  I also work on moving and controlling those energy patterns for my own purposes in many ways: herbalism, conjure, reiki, other forms of energy healing, astral projection, and divine possession. All of these things to me are energy work on some level.

How does this benefit me as a parent? How do I use this knowledge and understanding to benefit me and my family, in particular my son?

Herbalism and Diet:
Thyme is one of my favorite herbs.
If all plants and animals have their own energetic resonances, we can use them to tweak our when we are out of whack or maintain a state of health. From chamomile tea (medicinal grade, not the bags from the grocery!) to tinctures for gas, colic, teething, and colds or flu, to herbal baths, my son has benefited from me learning the skills of a green Witch. He gets gentle, effective remedies that help his own body heal itself. His immune system is robust not just from breastfeeding at an early age but also because now that he eats solids I strengthen it with probiotics every morning in his kefir.

When I was in herb school, we learned many ways of working with and relating to the plants. While learning the medicinal properties and making medicines were important, so was communing with the plant (rooted through nature walks and wildcrafting and also harvested), learning what it does in myriad bodies (including our own), and listening to that plant. We were given tinctures each week and told to dose ourselves in ever-increasing frequencies to learn the effects in our bodies first hand. Sometimes effects would increase along similar lines, sometimes completely reverse themselves with increasing doses, and sometimes completely new sensations would arise as I increased the dosage. We were taught that lower doses work on a more energetic level, while larger ones work on a physical level. So the same remedy can do myriad things, depending on the dosage.

Scrappy Manzanita
We were taught traditional medicine as well as how to listen to plant spirits (and unless you work on this gift, it is a hard one to maintain and use!). I remember well the lesson of Manzanita, as I sat under a large bramble of it on Mount Diablo: "I was the first", was what She told me. Then She showed me pictures of a vast red clay and rock desert with little to no life. Manzanita and Madrone were busy moving throughout it, populating it, taking root in hard rock and breaking it down into soil for the plants to follow them. I did research after that experience and found that what She told me was true. Pretty awesome!

My theory is that the first Witches and Shamans (who were the first healers) had the ability to listen to plants and learned about what plants do to our bodies and spirits from the plants themselves. They had the ability to shift their energy patterns down to listen to plants.* I continue to listen to plant spirits for both medicinal and spell work to benefit my family.

Conjure and Spellwork:
Witch bottles
From his conception, to my complicated pregnancy, to his everyday life- he has been impacted and shaped by my making my Will manifest in this world. I carried a specific talisman around with me while trying to conceive. It called to the child who visited me in my dreams and also worked to make my uterus ready to be a home to that child.

When I conceived, I also had several spells going during the pregnancy- as I had a complete placenta previa that was keeping me from delivering naturally. Me and my whole magical community prayed and worked to move move move that placenta- and it did. Rowan was born vaginally.

I regularly do small bits of conjure to benefit my family and friends- if it is done right- with a theological context, conjure (also known as rootwork) acknowledges the spirit in each of the ingredients in your spell: be it an oil, bath, bag, or bottle. Each plant, rock, coin, or curio adds to the mix its own energetic essence that helps to create the outcome you are seeking.

Reiki and Energy Work:
I am a level three Reiki practitioner, and use it when needed. It helps soothe upset tummies, reduces too high a fever, takes away pain, and generally feels good. I recently read this study about the healing effects of touch, specifically kissing an injury on a child and its long lasting effects.while it doesn't surprise me, I am delighted to see the research is finally being done on energy healing, the laying on of hands and other therapeutic touch.

I also work to keep Rowan safe from harm with types of energy work and manipulation. I have protection surrounding my home all the time. When he has bad dreams, I cast circle and call in protectors for him. He is sometimes put to sleep using gentle energy work (when he gets overtired and has trouble getting to sleep himself).

There are so many ways I manipulate energy! What are some of yours in the context of your family?

*For those unfamiliar, I think of humans operating at a fairly rapid energy frequency. To communicate with non-human animals, you shift down a notch or two, depending on the animal (mammals and birds are higher than reptiles and amphibians, in my experience). For plants, you must shift down more, to become even slower.


  1. You write so beautifully and you really inspire me to take a breath and remember to "listen" more.
    I've been too caught up in "the grind" and haven't been as in touch with my spiritual self either personally or as a mother. I want to live more in the world the way you describe your experience of it. That's a big part of what I want to share with my daughter.
    I'm quite sincere when I thank you for the reminder.

  2. Mine are just simple ones as they are the only things I know:
    --to cleanse a room of negative energy or mildly disturbing spirits: prayer (either Christian or not) and blessing the place with either holy water or salt-water solution.

    --Ms. Dorothy Morrison recommended real vanilla scent, but I haven't been able to try it yet. (The real essence is kind of expensive in my country.) SHe swears by it, but admitted she doesn't know the reason why the scent drives away spirits from a room

    --to protect a place or a person: imagine a glowing pentagram either filling up a house, guarding the door, or guarding the person

    --from Ms. Francesca de Grandis: imagine a triple ring of purple surrounding me and chant "Goddess within and without /Make a circle all about/bring Love in, keep evil out!"
    I also use this visual and chant to keep safe from danger whatever vehicle my family and I are using.

    --One time, while it was raining, I prayed and imagine that the rain water is spiritually cleansing, healing, blessing the land. I got into this idea while reading Stephen King's "Salem's Lot." (There were a lot of vampires roaming his story and I wondered why the main character did not try asking a shaman or a priest to bless the rain so that it'll kill the vamps. I figured that would have ruined the story from a novel to a ficlet. :>)

    Btw, is Rowan showing abilities to manipulate energy? I mean, if he can see plant spirits, he must have moved easily into simple energy manipulation.

  3. We use herbals for both of our children, as well as homeopathics and have had great success in healing ills large and small! I have often thought about Reiki as a healing tool for my kids but would need to gain the experience first!

  4. @ GAIA in the Green Mountains:

    May I recommend the book, "The REIKI Magic Guide to Self-Attunement" by Brett Bevell?

    "...[a] book that makes a large contribution to the field of energetic healing. It is creative, thorough, visionary and practical, guiding you step by step into the attunements and practice of Reiki, as well as teaching you how to be creative with it. This book is not just for newcomers but for all Reiki practitioners."

    I can't afford Reiki classes here. It costs P5,000/session level ($113-115). Sessions 1-3 will be P15,000 in all, while Masters Class is P10,000. That's why I bought this book. You can do learn on your own if you're just going to treat yourself and your family and friends. But for healing many people, Bevell recommended going to class.

  5. I am always astonished at how much people charge for Reiki attunements. I got all three of mine for free- I gave gifts in exchange, but I "paid" nothing.

    I also believe that Reiki itself is a gift- so I give it away for free myself. I treat those that need it, no charge. Today, I reikied an ailing bobcat kitten!

  6. @ Witch Mom:

    --Bevell believed that Reiki should be accessible to all, and I think he intimated in the intro that there may be some who would not like what he did. (But he had permission from Higher Powers.)

    -- THANK YOU for what you are doing for others, re Reiki and in other ways. There were times I wanted to ask you for healing but felt shy... When I pay in gifts, I can illustrate, write stories, or pray. Btw, have you ever tried healing an ailing wallet? (;>)


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