Saturday, April 16, 2011

Women's Circle!

Getting together with the ladies is FUN!
Today, I attended a women's clothing swap hosted by another Witchy friend of mine. I brought a bag of things I was not interested in wearing anymore, and came away with a bag of things that I am interested in wearing! What a deal! But I came away with something even more special: a sense that I can find other women to circle with who believe in the same ideals I do and that are theologically and politically compatible.

Lots of adjectives for the word "crayon"
You see, I did my stint in Dianic women's circles. Been there, done that, had the tee shirt. Got some amazing experiences out of circling with all women, too. But I will not go back to that again, mainly because of their bigoted stance on trans women. See, I believe that trans women are women ("trans" being an adjective like "Asian" or "middle aged" or "chain mail clad"), and therefore perfectly acceptable in women's circles. Dianics believe that they can define for others what a woman is or is not, and they deem trans women unacceptable. Not OK in my book- theologically or ethically.

Step one: Gather!
Step Two: ??
So after the women's clothing swap, when we were all sitting around chatting over wine, we started talking about our Witchy experiences and desires. And one of the women there (also a priestess of Lilith!) pined for her women's circle days as well. But she also made it really clear that her Dianic days were over (for many of the same reasons). Being who I am, I suggested we start a group ourselves. "Lets just see what happens!", I said. I offered use of the Casa Vesperus temple, and found one of the dads present to babysit while we meet! (I'm kicking my partner out for the night, too. Done deal!

I am excited to say that this full moon, Casa Vesperus will host a women's circle for the first time.

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  1. I am pleased to belong to a tribe here in the UK which definitly considers itself to be a women's circle but which is welcoming to all women who identify themselves as women irrespective of their physiological gender at birth.


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