Thursday, April 14, 2011

Witch Mom Posting About... Christianity?!

As a seminarian, I have had my ideas about people of other religions tweaked and squicked and the waters troubled around my own prejudices. I have amazing dialogues like the one below with real people, and it made me understand that all religions, if you are doing them right, are enlightening. My Path is meant for me, other paths are for other people.

Thought provoking video from a Christian about Christianity.


  1. Thank you for this. Yeah, one's spiritual path is usually tailor-made by the Divine just for you--at least, that's what I've observed. Now, if we can only get the traditional religious (Islan, Christianity, Judaism, etc.) to understand this...

    I like this guy in the video. CLassmate of yours? If he is, does he have some class papers he's willing to share online with people? Not for plagiarism, but just to share ideas. He's the first CHristian person I've heard talk this way... If he were to listen to this vid, maybe he'll see that there are similarities between his spiritual POVs and that of the Pagans?

  2. @Fedelynn: Nope, I do not know this person, but found this video from a Facebook friend of mine who is a "Earth-Based Episcopal Priest and Cleric of Progressive Christian Alliance". A Christian rebel, in other words. I don't know if this is a friend of his or not. There are many many more rebel Christians (some of whom I go to school with), just not given a lot of airtime.


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