Sunday, August 14, 2011

Children in The United States

"Christian mothers carry their children in hostile territory. When you are in public with them, you are standing with, and defending, the objects of cultural dislike. You are publicly testifying that you value what God values, and that you refuse to value what the world values.
You stand with the defenseless and in front of the needy. You represent everything that our culture hates, because you represent laying down your life for another—and laying down your life for another represents the gospel. Our culture is simply afraid of death. Laying down your own life, in any way, is terrifying."
This image has little to do with the topic,
but OMG- babies eating solids at 3 weeks?!
I read a lot of blogs. Mommy blogs, natural parenting blogs, pagan blogs. The above quote is from a Christian mommy blogger and I find the quote oddly compelling and find myself agreeing with it (sans the Christian sentiment of persecution, which I find silly).

I believe that mothers in the United States do indeed carry their children into hostile territory. The United States is generally very unfriendly to children and families.

Most policies, be they from employers, the government, or even private citizens make it so very difficult to simply enjoy being with your children- especially "in public". We segregate children (and old folks, actually) from the rest of the (able-bodied, privileged, income earning) population as a matter of course. I know most people feel more comfortable that way. (All you have to do is read the comments on myriad Facebook pages about the above-linked restaurant ban of kids under six to understand most people actually hate or fear kids.) But we are denying the actual cycle of life when we stratify our society. We are alienating ourselves from normalcy when we don't wish to be around people of all ages. We are creating a stunted, artificial society that will ultimately harm us all.

Babies cry to communicate: feelings, ideas.
They have few words at their disposal,
and that can be frustrating.
Do you actually think parents want a scene in
public either? It happens, it will happen, and
the childless need to get over it.
Forgive me, parents of yesteryear. Before I had a child of my own, I was probably one of those people that thought to myself, "Can't they get that child to shut up?" Now I understand. The looks I get in the supermarket when my teething son cries, or when he is overtired and needs a nap are vicious sometimes. As if those folks have more rights than my son (which they do, of course)! Children are treated like property in this culture- not individuals with feelings. It is maddening.

Finally, I have had enough. I am not going to put up with other people's crap about kids any longer (she says, as she is about to embark on a cross-country road trip with a toddler- gulp).

The last time someone gave me a look of disdain when my son cried, I flippantly said, "Oh- I'm sorry that my son's feelings are inconvenient for you.", and gave them a look that could melt glass. I am the mean mama bear and I will take you out, mister.


  1. Blessed Be to the Mama Bears in this world for we have a hard row to hoe!

  2. You are so right !!! You go mama !!!
    Have a magical day.

  3. Love it! I'm so with you. This society we live in is all about money and STUFF, not people. Which is why I choose to gracefully step out of it, re-entering only for such basic needs as groceries. One day I plan to be free of those needs too and revert to self sufficiency and building a new and wiser community outside the proverbial gates of this crazy place...

  4. My parents had a hard time finding a house to rent. Not because we had dogs, but because we had THREE KIDS!! I personally love kids and babies and most of my friends think I'm crazy. I really never realised how much people don't like kids.

  5. Thanks everyone.

    Jay: You are welcome at my little homestead anytime!

    LGM Barbie: In most places discriminating against people with kids is illegal. But of course, we all know it happens... sigh.

  6. Aw, I don't really mind hearing kids cry or seeing them cry. I know sometimes you just can't do anything, and they're just kids. Moms just have to teach them and they grow out of it eventually.
    Certain times, such as at church when people are trying to concentrate, I would take my child out if I had one. But at super markets and most restaurants and places, oh well. ;P
    It really irks me when I hear people say they hate kids or say they want to go tell that baby to shut up or something mean like that. :/ And act like its the mothers fault (which I'm sure most times it isn't, I'm sure most mothers do try and correct their children.)
    But I love kids! Some people are just old grumps who think the world revolves around them and their convenience.


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